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Friday, October 03, 2003

my oh my oh fuckin my. no time
to do a little limrick, reading all the blogs have to offer. LET the schadenfreude BEGIN!

68(maybe)more Bush weeks to go
68 Bush weeks to go
1st the plame
then who to blame
68 more Bush weeks to go.

but there is more we can have lots and lots of cake with our schadenfreude ice cream, how about some nice Limbaugh sprinkles. and maybe some nice Gubenator goobers too.

all that AND a great Packer win at Da Bears homeden. this year is gettin better.

and then we have the wonderful IWaq petard. how many do you need to kill Bush? How many sons and daughters of this nation are you gonna sacrifice for votes?

Sunday, September 28, 2003

they also discovered oil under the White house lawn, but that i think might actually be true.

did everybody else see the big news?!?SADAAM AND OSAMA HAD A GAY WEDDING!!!
weekly world news told me so. I picked up a copy for posterity.

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