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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

yes, more.
I AM reading Al Frankin's book, and i am reading the chapter on Hannity(who i have yet to lay eyes on, thankfully)and it has other LYING words from Bushit's SOTU speach and I say forget the 16 words, this 26 is just as damning.

"we will not ignore(famous for), we will not pass along our problems to other congresses, other presdents, other generations. WE'LL FOCUS ON THEM WITH CLARITY(you?!?) AND COURAGE."

Uh, what about that fucking HUGE DEFICIT PROBLEM?? exploding DEBT PROBLEM??? the new TERRORISTS you have created in the ME???? the future health repercussions from LYING to NYers after 9/11????

YOU SIR, MUST GO! next time you go one TV for a speech, it better be for your resignation.

DAMMIT, we could and SHOULD do better.

why in the hell do we have to put up with the INCOMPETANT CHIMP and his maladministration?

last night I watched the WTC and 9/11 documentaries by Ric Burns. and while much of it moved me, Cuomo's words made me incensed.he talked about some catholic monk(sorry, to busy listening to him to memorise the name) who believed that when something bad happens, you must create something good from it. and we saw that after the towers fell, how Manhattan came together to find people lost, to remove the rubble and to create something new where they stood.
and what did the chimperor do that has been GOOD from the bad?.....
NOTHING. from evil-WE GOT MORE EVIL. he did not use the worlds sympathy to strive for a better world, NO, he asked us to shop and get MORE TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH.
Did he try and work at what is the root of terrorism creation by wahabi mullahs and styfled lives in islam theocracies??? why NO, he decided to INVADE A UN-THEOCRATIC country, BECAUSE SADAAM TRIED TO KILL HIS DADDY and the NUT-CONS told him that is would democratize OIL RICH COUNTRIES.
get it will be deferred til 2004.
so far the oughts suck.

71 more Bush weeks to go,
71 Bush weeks to go,
pushing for Ahnold,
more election bullshit,
71 more Bush weeks to go.

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