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Friday, April 18, 2003

it will surely suck if tony blair is the victim of gulf war too, instead of bushit.

Thursday, April 17, 2003

my this danish bread sure makes staying tempting.then there is the DANISH. But can you find a good pork chop?

gee, i almost forgot.

92 more bush weeks to go
92 bush weeks to go.
are we 'done' with Iraq
is Syria next?
92 more bush weeks to go

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

two more ways the here is WAY more free.
one- not as many sirens. today there must have been a car accident, because for the 1st time since getting here, there were a smattering off accidents.
two- no rudeness. no loud car stereos. no loud boomboxes. NO LAWNMOWERS. just children playing noises and many birds with romance in the air. must be infectious. desert rats and hamsters where i go have both produced litters. 4 new hamsters(wait, i thought it was 3 females in that cage!) and 1 so far desert rat. bald and pink, so the hamsters aren't that new.

while putzing on my own, the peole i am staying with in Denmark are away and left me with access to a laptop and i am free to surfeel so priv. OOH! Thank you kind counterspin for linking me! i feel so priveledged! when i get back i may try to link. as if there is a point.

Sunday, April 13, 2003

and lastly, as with Bush, Caligula had a healthy surpluss in the treasury that would assure him of an initial period of euphoria, but when the eventual problems arose, he saw any criticisms or suggestions as a challenge to his prestige and authority, to be met by confrontation, NOT BY COMPROMISE.
and all thanks go to Anthony A Barrett. author of CALIGULA-the corruption of power.
but i must say, it didn't have enough of the sex you hear about.

as with Bush, caligula was ultimately indifferent to the concequences of his actions on others.

as with Bush, Caligula was a man who would see the principate as an expression of his right to exercise his unchecked powers.

as with Bush, Caligula was a man who would see the principate as an expression of his right to exercise his unchecked powers.

as with Bush, Caligula maifested a total self-centered view of the world. THIS HAD UNFORTUNATE RESULTS.

ah, one of my favorite similarities. claigula was so obsessed with a sense of his own importance as to be practically DEVOID of any sense of moral responsibility.
but remember God loves GW.

and here is a quote-'almost the whole inhabited world, though they deplrored what was going on,flattered Caligula all the same,glorifying him unduly and THUS increasing his vanity.'


he also sold familyu heirlooms(anybody wanna drill in a national park???

caligula also found no problem in spending an accumilating SURPLUS.he also had a habit of GIVING MONEY AWAY IRRESPONSIBLY.
buy poopicans are doing just fine.

in 37 the senate conferred absolute authority to caligula, all the powers a young inexperienced despot might want. sound familiar to Bush after 9-11?

well, while here and on the flight. i finally finished Caligula, and to let someone read it, i will finish my comments with it.

before he was assinated, there had been several ides of march moments. several things were hit by lightening.can only PRAY that shock and awe can be the same for pRes nucklehead.

hi from ebeltoft denmark. its been a week, so i guess its 93 more weeks to go.

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