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Friday, March 07, 2003

with the snub of the venerable Helen Thomas, will the REAL press taste blood in the water???
what a pansy assed wimp. WIMP.
did RR snub Sam Donaldson???
did Clinton snub Brit Hume???
Go back to Texass you hack and take your poopican supporters with you.

on to Pres. Oderint dum metuant. I came upon a PERFECT spot in my Caligula Bio yesterday.
Caligula 'while he(Caligula)did little damage to the enemy, he inflincted GREAT harm on his citezensandd allies.
sound like anybody we know???

so nice Bushit managed to push the 'minnesota whistler' off the front page yet again.

well, from hat i have gleaned. its high time to put a yellow and black backdrop behind * with President for dummies plastered over it.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

oh dear, i am a nanoblog according to a grand poohbearbah, but as if luddite me cares about links, is that what i should be doing? fooey, i'm off to play some sheepshead.

59 more Bush weeks to go,
59 Bush weeks to GOooooo,
he can't find an exit,
Sadaam will nix it,
59 more Bush weeks to go.

darn, i forgot to give a kudos shout out to the states planing on banning the stupid pledge of alleigance. but high 5 anyways.

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