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Saturday, October 05, 2002

Ooh, a name from the past. Paula 'gotta kill my kids to save them' Yates' husband, good ole Rusty, is living the high life in a batchelor pad. God save any woman who would actually breed with this turd. Why he wasn't charged, Oh, what it was Texass, and childcare is women's work. ASSHOLE.

Friday, October 04, 2002

I watched Frontline lasl night even though I knew about John Oneill. It did show that Louis freeh was even more stupid than I thought. He is more of a computer Luddite than I and also completely gullible. Why do only small picture people get ahead??? deputy Piccard should have been eliminated. Freeh should have been eliminated.
It is too bad that Janet Reno didn't have enough support to have her way. She saw that Oneill was a smart guy. I always liked her. And Waco was the idiot psychologist that advised the whole deal. Park Dietz is a fool. He was involved in the Jeffrey Dahmer trial on the prosecution and then I thout he was a pompus ass. So I know she wasn't getting good advice.

Can somebody please make Jerry Falwell shut up? But then he does make himself look insane.

Thursday, October 03, 2002

I am sick of war being seen through only the prism of WW2. It was a just war, but it is the only one in modern history. The civil war borders on just, but barely(should of let the stupid bastards go at let them be slaughtered by the slaves). Sadaam is NOT Hitler. georgie is NOT winston. THIS IS NOT COMPARABLE!

I like hesiod's idea on a correlation between penis size and support for war in Iraq. But then stupid gullible men can have average penises. It's the ones playing war you gotta worry about.

Well, pResident Naked and his masters are at it again. WMD isn't really working, so here comes another story about al qaeda contacts in Iraq. Does anybody trust what the administration says?

another serial killer story from the northwest. This time Canada. Is it the rain?

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

I am beginning to wonder if it was better that the union was saved in the Civil War. There is the confederate union which has devolved into a bananna republic, with the edge states BEGGING to get back into the union. The south would be removed from leadership in Washington DC.
I say if your state is under the TOP 25, you can't be in leadership. Nobody from the 'stupid' states. No Darth Lott. No BIG Dick Armey. No Twit Delay. What a better world we would have. And why can't people see how evil and smarmy Darth Lott is????

why is the press cleaning up Bushit's syntax??? Isn't it enough that the white house is cleaning up after that babbling fool??? Is it wrong to demand a President who can speak in complete sentances off the cuff???

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

I am beginning to think the press is more in favor of war with Iraq than Bushit. Think of the ratings! It will be just like 9/11 AND the 1st war with Iraq. Wow. Cripes. remember when the use of force was a SERIOUS issue???

Now, i do not live in NJ, so i don't have all the facts. But if in Soprano's mob land all Toricelli got was a watch, there is a vast right wing conspiracy. And Bushit's relationship with Enron is not bribary????

I am gonna really miss Sen. Toracelli. I always liked him, and after seeing his speech on c-span i like him even more. Give him a big kiss for taking one for the team. HE sees the picture. keeping the Senate in Democratic hands is the only thing between us and a Republican Dictatorship. The coup would then be complete and they could railroad their way to complete destruction of America. !st they destroy the economy(oh yes they did), 2nd let 9/11 happen, and now they want to rule the world. Time for the Democrats to kick ass and take names.

Monday, September 30, 2002

Back to ranting. I blame the press. I bet a lot of them are Nadar fans, therefore idiots who do not live in the REAL world. !st things first before a perefct world can be achieved. ITS CALLED DEFEATING THE VAST RIGHT WING!!!! The repugnicans are united, they can be unhappy, but they stick together. United we would rule, divided we fall. And when is Nadar gonna admit ADMIT there was a hell of a big difference between Gore and an UNQUALIFIED chimp boy?????

who is pansypoo? well, she's my cat. i use her for a lot of things. She gets Gevalia coffee(descriminating) she has a aol address. She applied for a credit card(too young-should have used cat years) and life insurance(needed more info for quote). I include her in rants because she has very sesitive ears. She rants(meows) when I yell at the TV ,paper,radio. So when i silently rant on a blog, she is happy. I tell her she should meow at the Repugnicans. the poo is because she has a farting problem.

1st-AOL SUCKS. 2nd-what will it take to knock chimpy off his high polls. Absolutely disgudting how he can use a tradgedy this much. Using death for his own power. Well, they are evil.

Sunday, September 29, 2002

Well, 1st rant for new blog-
IF Bushit DID get Alzeimers, HOW WOULD YOU KNOW????

OOH. A new blog. Now if i could change the posting name. Will have to delve.

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