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Saturday, March 04, 2017



202 more fucking tRump weeks to go
202? more tRump weeks to go
joint speech saying the opposite
pimping a military widow for the rite
202 more stupid tRump weeks left to go




oh well.


eBay objects


estate sale tours



kitty pron


not my hoard. many years ago i ebayed a very nice wood tiki w/milo on the bottom. this is the winner of 'milo's' big tiki. i hope i saved his other tikis. he told me milo is the type of would it was made of.


feb drive


estate hoard ebayed

i mostly collected potato smooshers, but i grabbed anything wood. my bowls of stuff was filling, so i ebayed all the common ones.


eBay object


dec drive


amped truck


buffalo cam


bear cam


aug drive

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