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Sunday, August 06, 2017


Heebrooz eleben, verse 1-7

Approyinchingz ceiling cat n Stuff (DON NOT WANT) 

1 Fayth be liek da real stuffs underz da stffs ur hopin for and da proofs of stuf u cant seez (evn us kittehs and we seez in teh dark).2 Thats wut teh old peeps sais, srsly.3 Wif fayth we shud unde-unda-kno dat ceiling cat maded teh things so us can seez the things to seez.4 By fayth Abel offerd ceiling cat better than Cain (srsly Cain, no want veggies!) Ceiling cat gived Abel cheezburger an maded him ritechuss manz cuz he has teh better offer, srsly. Now he can stil speek tho he iz dead (ben daed long tiem ago).5 Bi fayth Enoch-cat waz takens ups so him would n0t get wet, n "him ws fuond no' mo' cause ceiling cat had taken him." B4 him waz taked upz it waz sed to haev made ceiling cat happeez likz catnip.6 bt wit 0ut any fayths it gonna b impsaBBle to give his catnipz. 4 Any 1 w0h aprochez ceiling cat m0ust has cheezeburgers and gives him catnipz7 Bi da fayth and flavorz of n0ah, warnedned waht was not gon b yet seed, builded an arks 4 his famuhlee so they cud liv. Thr3w dis he condom'd da earthz and inhairted the ritechussness that comez thruz fayth.

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