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Sunday, August 06, 2017


Jahn tn, vursz 3038

30 So after Judas eated teh cookie, he went away veree quick, an it wuz all dark n stuff outside.
31 Wen Judas wuz gone, Jebus sed "Naow Man's Kitteh r goinz to be all glorifieded n stuff, and it r goinz to make Ceiling Cat look reelly good, an also glorius.32 An if Ceiling Cat looks good, Man's Kitteh will look good, an Ceiling Cat will give him many cheezburgrs.33 Naow, little kittehs, I r only goinz to be arownd only a short little timez. U r is goinz to be all liek "Jebus, whar u did go?" an I r tellin u, liek I tolded teh Joos, u r not goinz to findz me cuz u cant go whar I r goinz.34 You can haz new commandmint: u must all luvs eech otherz liek I luvs u.35 Den all teh other kittehs will no dat u iz my dissypels cuz u will all luv eech other n stuff."36 Den Simon Peter wuz all liek "Lord, whar u r go??"
An Jebus sed "I r go u can not followz me. Until laterz."
37 An Peter sed "Y not naow? I wood liek totally die fur u, Jebus!"38 Jebus sed "Wood u? Wood u REELY? Bfor a rooster gose cock-a-doodle-doo, u r goinz to pretend dat u dont eben no me TREE TIMEZ. Srsly."

dis b teh word ov teh ceeling kat
lynx b too ceeling kat
go ehn pees n survey teh ceeling kat

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