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Sunday, July 23, 2017



Jahn tirteen, verse 1-9 

Jebus washes his dissypels feets

1 It wuz just befor de feast uv Passovr. Jebus knowd dat soon he wuz goinz to go c hiz daddy, Ceiling Cat (by beinz ded). Sinz he lovd all de spesial kittehs dat he knowd, Jebus wuz naow goinz to show dem dat he lovd dem LOTS!!1! 2 Naow it wuz timez for suppr, an de debil had alreddy goned to Judas (Simon Iscariot's sun) an was all liek "BETRAY JEBUS!!1!"3 Jebus knowd dat Ceiling Cat wuz uber powrfullz n dat he had comed frum Ceiling Cat an wuz goinz bak to Ceiling Cat4 so he stooded up an left hiz dinnrz, an tookded off hiz clothez, an rapped a towel arownd hiz waist.5 Den he startedz washinz hiz dissypels feets, an drieded dere feetz wid de towl dat wuz rapped around hiz waist.6 He camez to Peter (who wuz reely named Simon but Jebus calleded him Peter) an Peter sed "OMG iz u r washinz my feets?!?"7 An Jebus sed "u dont understanz y I am doinz dis, but laterz u goinz to be all liek 'OHH... I getz it naow'"8 "NO!" sed Peter (he wuz verree upset n confoosed) "U no can haz washes my feets EVAR!!1!"
Jebus was all liek "I am goinz to washez ur feets an ur goinz to liek it or u NO can haz hang owt wid me no more!"
9 Peter den wuz all liek "Nevermind, OK u can haz wash my feets... an also my hands an my hed, too, if u want kthx."

dis b teh word ov teh ceeling kat
tnx b too ceeling kat
go ehn pees n survey teh ceeling kat

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