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Sunday, July 02, 2017


Jebus Comes to Town
12 Teh next day, all teh kittehs herd dat Jebus wuz goinz to Jerusalem. A bunch of kittehs13 all broughted catnip an went to teh road to see hims. Dey wuz shoutins
 O Hai Ceiling Cat!
 Jebus can has cookies plz?
 O Hai Jebus, u iz are King!!1!
14 Jebus saw a donkey, and wuz all liek "O Hai, iz my donkey naow." An dis wuz liek a ting peoplez would say, and dat wuz
15 "No be scareded, Jerusalem
 cuz ur King is ridins a donkey. Srsly."
16 But Jebus's kittehs didn't get it at teh time (dat Jebus ridins a donkey wuz liek dis ting peoplez used to say). But laterz, dey wuz all liek "WTF, dat poem bout teh King ridin a donkey wuz totally about Jebus!!1! Even tho it wuz wrote a long timez ago. Srsly!"
17 Lots of teh kittehs had seens Jebus make Lazarus not be ded anymore, and dey wuz all liek "OMG did u see dat?" to teh other kittehs.18 Dat's why all teh kittehs wanted to see Jebus more closer, cuz dat ting wit Lazarus wuz COOL.19 An teh Pharisees wuz all liek "why we r not cool no moar? All teh kittehs luv Jebus naow."

dis b teh wurdz ov teh ceeling kat
tnx b too the ceeling kat
go ehn pees n survey teh ceeling kat

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