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Sunday, July 16, 2017


Jahn twelve , verse 34-50

34 Den teh peoplez wuz all liek "WTF? We thoughted dat ChristCat wuz goinz to live for evar! Naow you say dat teh Man's Kitteh is goinz to be lifted away? This r confusin. Srsly. Who r Man's Kitteh?"35 So den Jebus sed "Right naow, you can has a Lite (it r me). U should walk while u has it so teh darkness no catchez you. Peoplez who walkz in teh darks r all liek "whar is I goinz??"36 Soon, u no has Lite. So u r must beleive in teh Lite wile u has it, an den u can be kittehs of teh Lite." And den Jebus ran away, and teh peoplez no could see him no mores. 37 An teh peoplez wuz a liek "WTF???" an did not beleeve Jebus, even though dey had seened Jebus do lots of srsly cool stuff.38 Remembr when Isaiah teh prophet guy was all liek "Who haz beleeved our story? An who has ben pettd wit teh paw of Ceiling Cat?" Did wuz liek dat.39 Cuz no one beleeved Jebus becuz no one had evar seend Ceiling Cat. An also Isaih sed,40 "He are makeded dem blind an angry an stuff, so dey no see an udnerstand tings and dey no feel sorry about it. So dey no come to me, even tho I makded dem cookies an I no eated dem."41 Isaiah sed dese tings becuz he did see Ceiling Cat and he talkded about it a lot.42 But reely, lots of important kittehs did beleeve Jebus. But teh Pharisees wuz super mean, so teh kittehs no admitted it. Dey wuz scareded dat teh Pharisees woud kikc dem out of teh Sinagog.43 Cuz dese kittehs lieked having freinds n stuff more den beeing lieked by Ceiling Cat.44 An Jebus got reely loud, an sed dat teh kittehs dat beleeved him aslo beleeved in Ceiling Cat, and any people who thought dat he was teh suxors aslo thought that Ceiling Cat was teh suxors.45 "Any kitteh who looks at me is aslo looking at Ceiling Cat, cuz he sent me here, so I am like his avatar, lolz.46 I r a Lite, so peoplez who beleeve me no can has darkness.47 If peoplez heer teh stuff I say, but no payz attenshun to me, it r not my problem. Judging kittehs r not my job. I r just here to save teh werld.48 But any kitteh who tinks I am teh suxors gets judged as a bad kitteh, cuz I r givin him a veree bad revyoo at teh end of teh werld.49 That iz cuz I don't make a dis stuff up, or do dis stuff all by myself. I just sayz wat Ceiling Cat tells me to.50 An I know dat everthing Ceiling Cat says is ver important if u r gonna live for evah in teh Ceiling wit Ceiling Cat. So I only say exactly wat Ceiling Cat says. Srsly."

dis b teh word ov teh ceeling kat
tnx b too v=ceeling kat
go ehn poees n survz teh ceeling kat

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