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Sunday, July 09, 2017


Jahn tweet, verse 20-33

Jebus is all liek "O NOES!"
20 Sum Greeks21 wented up to Philip (who wuz from Bethsaida in Galilee), and dey was all liek "we can has meet Jebus?"22 So Philip wented up to Andrew, and wuz liek "they can haz meet Jebus?" an Andrew was liek "I dunnoes" so dey wented togedder to Jebus to ask him.
23 Jebus sed, "It r time for Man's Kitteh (dat's me) to haz many cheezburgrs.24 It r like catnip: oen catnip seed r make oen catnip sprout. But wen teh catnip r ded, it r maek many catnips. An teh catnip, it has a flavr.25 If u luv life, u will be all liek "O NOES!" wen u r ded. But if u r liek "life is teh suxors!" den u be happy-cat wen u r ded.26 If u r freinds wit me, den u can has go to ceiling wen u r ded, liek me. Cuz Ceiling Cat, he lieks teh peoplez dat tink I am teh roxors.
27 Naow I is all liek "oh noes!" What u think I shood say to Ceiling Cat? I no can be all liek "I stay alive kthnx", cuz it r important to teh plan dat I be all sacrifieced n stuff. Srsly. So instaed I say,28 "Dad, be teh roxors, kthnx."
An den a BIG MEAOW came from teh cieling, an it sed "WTF? I AM TEH ROXORS!!1! An I will MORE teh roxors! Srsly."29 All teh peoplez hearded teh voyce. Sum wuz all liek "STFU, it r just thundrz." Othr peoplez sed teh voice wuz frum an angel kitteh dat wuz speaknz to Jebus.30 Jebus sed "Dat voyce wuz for u peoplez, not for me.31 Naow it r teh time for all teh peoplez to be judjed. Naow teh hitlercats of teh urfs is goinz to be kickd out.32 But r goinz up, away from teh urfs, an all teh peoplez r goinz to come to me."33 (An here, Jebus wuz hinting bout how he wuz goinz to be killd, but it wuz very suttle and not all kittehs getted it).

dis b teh word ov teh ceeling kat
tnx b too ceeliing kat
go ehn pees n survey  teh ceeling kat

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