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Sunday, July 16, 2017


Heebrooz 10, verse 1-25

Jeebus Gives Up Cheezburger 4 U. Srsly
1 Da rulz is only beta of da cool fings to coem - not release vershun. So da kittehs dat onlee give da sakrificez kant b perfect.2 If dey wer, dey cud haf stopped wif de sacrificing. Cause dey wud have had bafs and not been guilty no morz.3 But da sacrifice sez u still bad kitteh,4 cuz blud kant makes u kleen.5 So when Jeebus come, him sez,
"Sacrifice and gifts you DO NOT WANT, but u makes me a bodi;
6 burnded offerings n sin offerings no makes u happi.
7 Den I sez, 'Iz here - i has own thread in forum - I do wut u sez, Ceiling Cat.'"
8 Furst him sez, "Sakrificez and gifts, burnded ofrings n sin ofrings no makes u happi" (But da rulz sez u must has dem).9 Den him sez, "I'z here, I do wut u sez." He pwns 1st to make 2th.10 An so we iz holee bcuz Jeebus giv last sacrifice. Srsly.
11 Evreh day, da priests do dem jobs; ober and ober him give offering, dat no remoofs Invisible Error.12 But wen dis priest offered for all timez oen sacrifice for da Invisible Error, him sat at rite of Ceiling Cat.13 Since den, him waiten 4 him ennemeez to be him feet rest,14 bcuz bai him sacrifice, everyone bein made holee iz holee foreverz. Srsly.15 Hover Cat sez to. furst him sez:16 Ceiling Cat promizes aftr dat iz puttin mah rulz in dey hrbl and they chezebrgr.17 Den him sez, "Srsly, Iz gona be furgeted al dem chezburgrz dey eatd bfor"18 Wen dez be furgeted, u iznt gona haz to gived Celing Cat tey sakrificez wen uz bad kitteh.19 K bros, snce we got dem confidnce go to Ceiling by Jeebus blod20 Wez geted neu way thru him harbl21 Since we has grate preest at Ceiling Cat hous22 Get close to Celing Cat after taked baff23 We has to alwayz be faithfol to teh Ceiling Cat. Srsly.24 And we has to think aboot give other kittehs Cheezburgrz.25 We has to has teh meeting, even tho some kittehs DON"T LIKE. U has to tell dem to go to teh meeting. U has to do dis even mor latr.

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