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Friday, June 30, 2017


FORTIFICATIONS- pgs 421-468. OY! illustration. fortiry, fortifications, fortress, fort, are all descended from fortis-strong. par a pets, abattis-- cut trees arrabged. 'barbed wire' fraises were entanglements. chevaux-de-frie, gabios, crow' feet, trous-de-loup, stockades. lots of geometry. OH MY GOD EQUATIONS! NO WANT!
enfilade fire, artillary, embrasures + barbettes, vauban , cormontaigne, coehorn, redan, tenailles, lunette MORE EQUATIONS.
caponnierre, star fort.
permanent fortifications. walls of babylon +
 ninevah. 32ft wide + 100 ft high(do. not give turnip ideas) w/ towers. the walls of jerusalem. 15th c needed to improve, papacino d' antoni of turin states. michele, for verona. in 1523. antwerp emp charles V 1545 by paciotto d urbino. ervard of boiste-duc 1st in france, protect the flank. wrote  book published 1594. bevil de la trielle pub book in 1557 to protect towns + castles.
antoine  deville pub 1629, employed under louis XIII montreuil + calais.
in 1645 cmte de pagan abstract math, served 25 seiges. blind at 38 = retires. vauban- mareschal devauban b 1633 followed pagan. 33 new fortresses, improved 100 + conducted 50 seiges. at service to louis  XIV. parallels in seiges + ricochet fire. civic work too.
m minno, baron decoehorn, holland. 3 systems to defend from seige, but only good in holland swamps.
systems of permanent fortification.
fortification BLAH BLAH BLAH DETAILS MATH. seiges. sebastapol, malakaff tower, antwerp, dantzig.

diff counties systems.

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