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Sunday, June 18, 2017


Heebruwz  si=x, virez 13-20

Teh certainty ov ceilin cats promize
13 When ceilin cat made his promize 2 abraham, since thar wuz no wan greatr 4 him 2 swear by, he swore by him,14 Sayin, "im gonna surely bles u an giv u lotz da descendants."[c]15 And so aftr waitin patiently, abraham receivd wut wuz promisd.16 Wen swear by someone greatr than themselvez, an teh oath confirms wut iz sed an puts an end 2 all argument.17 Because ceilin cat wantd 2 mak teh unchangin nachur ov his purpose vry clear 2 teh heirs ov wut wuz promisd, he confirmd it wif an oath.18 God did dis so dat, by 2 unchangeable things in which it imposible 4 ceilin cat 2 lie, we hoo has fld 2 taek hold ov teh hope offerd 2 us cud be greatly encouragd.19We has dis hope as an anchor 4 da soul, firm an secure. It enters teh innr sanctuary behind teh curtain,20 Where jesus, hoo went before us, has enterd on r behalf. He has become high priest forevr, in da ordr ov melchizedek.

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