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Sunday, June 04, 2017


Jugjez  for, vursz 16-

Sisera iz skerdee cat, LOL!!1!
1 Nao Sisera had runned awai too hied inn teh tent uv dis laydee cawld Jael, hoo did HARBLS GOES WHERE??? wif Heber teh Kenite, cuz King Jabin An Heber wer BFFs. 2 Jael caem owt uv der tent an sed "Hav sum rests. Dun bee skerded." An Sisera hieded insyde An Jael givded him a blankie. 3 An he sed "I can has watters?" An she givded him sum milks. 4 Den he tolld her "Yoo be garding teh tent nao, k? Tells teh peeps I no iz heer." 5 An den Sisera went sleepz cuz he wuz reel tierd frum runnin awai an bein skerded. An den Jael, hoo did HARBLS GOES WHERE??? wif Heber teh Kenite, gotz a tent peg an hamma an hitz teh tent peg inno Sisera's hed an he got deded. 6 An den Barak caem runnin bai lukin fur Sisera An Jael sed "Oh Hai, yoo lukin fur dis gai? Cuz he deded nao, lol!!1!!!" An den Barak saw Sisera deded on der grownd wif teh tent peg sticken owt uv hiz hed. GROSS!!!!!

1 So on dat dai, Ceiling Cat maeded King Jabin of Canaan rly rly rly imbarass An teh Israelites ROFLMAOWTFBBQ at him!!! Srsly!!!1!! 2An King Jabin wuz liek leetel bug fur teh Israelites unntill he gotz deded.

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