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Sunday, June 25, 2017


Heebruwz seen, verse 1-10

Melchizedek Bestest Cheeseburgers Has 
1 Dis melchizedek wuz da king ov salem an priist ov da ceiling cat. Him said to abraham: "Oh hai, yu pwns dem other kingz. Yu can has cheezburgerz."2 Therfoer abraham giev him ten presents ov da loot. Him name be king ov justiz. Him be king ov peece too.3Him has no dad an mum an kittehs. Him has no birtdai an liev forewer. His liek teh Son of Ceiling Cat. Him is priest for everah.
4 He iz teh bestest!! Even teh funder abraham giveh him tax.5 Dem kitteh ov levi baking cookies an stuff, must take tax ov teh pepol, even demz brothers ar kittehs ov abraham.6 But melchizedek iznt one ov dem. Him take tax and giev cheeseburger to abraham as promissing.7 Cheeseburger iz better tehn monny.8 Taking monney and die iz stupid. But liev iz best a lot.9 See! Becaus ov abraham iz paid tax, levi also iz taxed.10 Him wuz in him dad when him meet melchizedek.

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