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Sunday, June 04, 2017


Jahn leben, Wursz 1-19

1 In teh hometown uf Mary, thar wuz a dood, LOLrus, who wuz sick. All sick liek he ated 2 much cheezburgerz.
2 You no, teh Mry who was liek "Happy Cat, yur paws needs to cleans." But she had no wipes so then she wipes wif her hairs.
3 An the doods sisters went to find Happy Cat, an were liek "Dis is kewl dood yu wuv, and hes all sickn stuff."
4 Happy Cat liek heard wut they sed he wuz all liek "Dis is for teh glory of Ceiling Cat, cuz liek I can has glory."
5 Happy Cat lieked teh dood n hiz sistars.
6 He ttly took his sweet time getting ready, liek 2 hole daze.
7 Then Happy Cat sayz "Roadtrip 2 Joodea."
8 But hiz peeps were all liek "But Happy Cat, last time we was ther they was totally not kewl."
9 So Happy Cat told 'em. "I can has travel by day, so no can has sprained ankle.
10 If I can has travel at nite, I can has sprained ankle."
11 Happy Cat was all liek "Mah dood Lolrus has naptime. We go, n wake mah dood."
12 But teh peeps were all liek "If he's nappin this would be way easy."
13 How come for theys no get wat Jebus wuz talkin bout def ?
14 So Happy Cat no moar talked wif teh meadow for n teh similes and he sed "Lolrus loozed his bukkek n stuff.
15 N I am liek all glad I wuz not der, but I is here, so you can liek beleaf. So, lez go."
16 Then teh peep named Thomas who wuz called teh twin, cuz he all looks liek Happy Cat, was all liek "Yo, lezgo to be with Happy Cat n we can all be ded wif him."
17 When Happy Cat fnally got der he wuz in teh grave for liek 4 daze.
18 N teh city wuz all close to teh hood.
19 N lots of doods n joos has came to talk to teh sistars.

dis b teh word ob teh ceeling kat'tnx b too ceeling kat
go ehn pees n survey teh ceeling kat

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