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Sunday, June 11, 2017


Jahn eleven, vursz 19-46

19 N lots of doods n joos has came to talk to teh sistars.
20 Then when theys hered that Jesus was thar, Martha went 2 meet em, but Mary stayed home.
21 So liek Martha saw Happy Cat n says "You has to laet,
22 but I no Ceiling Cat will totally listen to you."
23 So Happy Cat says "Your dood will has his bukket."
24 Martha was all liek "He can't has bukket in teh ceiling yet."
25 But Happy Cat was all "No no no, I can has bukket. N if u believe, you too can has bukket."
26 "An liek if u can has bukket, u can has no def, if you can has a beleaf in Celing Cat's kitteh. Srsly"
27 Martha totally was liek "Ai can has beleaf. An Iz no that you are teh kitteh of teh Ceiling Cat."
28 So Martha totally went to her sistar and sed "Jebus axed fer u."
29 N Mary was all liek "dood!" n ran to Happy Cat.
30 He wasnt thar yet,
31 but teh doods n joos wer liek "Lookit her runnin to cry for Lolrus." An dey followed her.
32 But when Mary founded Happy Cat she was all about "You iz to laet."
33 Den Happy Cat saweded her all emo an teh Joos dat com wit her wer also emo and Happy Cat wuz very sadz and his sprit was moveded liek srsly.
34 "Wer did yu lai him?" Happy Cat askeded. "Coem here and yu can see too," dey sed bac.
35 Happy Cat wepted.

dis iz teh word ov teh ceeling kat'
tnx b too ceeling kat
go ehn pees n survey teh ceeling kat

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