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Sunday, May 28, 2017


Heebruwz fit, verse 1-10

1 Every high priest iz selectd frum among doodz an iz appointd 2 represent them in matters relatd 2 ceilin cat, 2 offr gifts an sacrificez 4 sins.2 He iz able 2 deal gently wif dose hoo r ignorant an r goin astray, since he him iz subject 2 weaknes.3 This iz y he has 2 offr sacrificez 4 his own sins, as well as 4 da sins ov teh peeps.4 No wan takez dis honor upon him; he must be calld by ceilin cat, jus as aaron wuz.5 So christ also did not taek upon him teh glory ov becomin high priest. But ceilin cat sed 2 him, "u r mah son; Todai i has become ur fathr.[a]"[b]6And he sez in anothr place, "u r priest forevr, In da ordr ov melchizedek."[c]7 Durin teh dais ov jebus life on earth, he offerd up prayers an petishuns wif loud criez an tears 2 teh wan hoo cud save him frum death, an he wuz herd cuz ov his reverent submishun.8 Although he wuz son, he lernd obedience frum wut he sufferd9 And, once made perfik, he became teh source ov eternal salvashun 4 all hoo obey him10 And wuz designatd by ceilin cat 2 be high priest in da ordr ov melchizedek.

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