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Sunday, May 28, 2017


Jahn 10, verse 22-42

teh unbeleif of teh jewz
22 THeRe wuz a parteh in teh big city Juhrusailm, an evryone wuz NOM NOM NOM! It was cold krissmussy time.23 Jebus wuz wlking in Solomuns Colo... Calon... he took a walk in teh tempel.24 Teh jooz wah liek, "OMG JEBUS STOP TEEZIN US!!! If U teh messiah kitty jus SAIZ SO!!!"25 Jebus iz all liek "I alrdy tellz you dat!! I duz amzing stufs w/ teh Ceiling Cat so u noes!!26 But you no heerz, cause you no iz mai shep!27 Mai shepz heerz me; i knoz dem, and they comez wit me28 Cause of me, they no haz death; and noonez can taekz them! I holdz onto teh shepz RLY TITE!!29 Ceiling Cat gavez them to mez, and he pwnz you all!! No one can takez them from Ceiling Cat. NOT WUNCE!!30 Me and Ceiling Cat are teh same!! SRSLY!"
31 Teh jewz got mad and gotz stonez to pwn Jebus,32 But Jebuz wuz liek "K so frst I showz you happeh magikz from Ceiling Cat, an now is killz me?!? WTF?!"
33 Then teh jewz wuz liek "You iz full of FAIL! We iznt stoninz you for thoze! Wez stoninz you for saying you iz teh same as Ceiling Cat. Ceiling Cat iz full of win and way moar pwnsome than you!!"
34 Jebus sayz 2 them, "Okai you gaiz lstn. 'I have said u b teh gods?' iz in yor lawz, ruinin yor accusashuns.35 If he called them 'gods' to teh gaiz teh word of God came - and teh Scripture no can fail -36 TEHN SRSLY!!! YOR SAYIN EVN CEILING CATS BEBBEH THAT HE SENTED TO TEH URF NO CAN BE GOD, EVN THO THOZE GAIZ ARE?!?! LOL Why r u accuin' me of blasphumeh cuz I sayz, 'I b Ceiling Cat's Son'?!37 If I duzn't do teh things Ceiling Cat duz, tehn ya, dont beleev me not wunce!38 Buts if I does it, even tho u dont beleev me, dont frget all teh awsum things ah did! dat wai, u no for srs dat teh Father is in me, and dat I am in teh Father!"39 Again they tried to pwn him, but he escaped and was like, "OK, bai!"
40 Then Jebus went bak cross teh Jordan to teh place were John had been baptizing in teh good ol daze. Here he stayed41 and many peeples came 2 him an they were like, "OMG! John never did teh miracles, buts everything John said 'bout Jesus was true!"42 And in dat place many beleeved in Jebus.

dish teh wurde ov teh ceeling kat
tnx b too ceeling kat
go ehn pees n surfz teh ceeling kat

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