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Sunday, May 07, 2017


Jahn nin, vursz 13-23

13 They brought 2 teh Fariseez him dat wuz blind.14 An it wuz teh sabbath dai when JebusCat made teh clay, an opend his eyez.15 Den again teh Fariseez also askd him how he had receivd his sight. He sed 2 them, he put clay on mine eyez, an I wash, an do C.16 Therefore sed sum ov teh Fariseez, dis man iz not ov Ceilin Cat, cuz he keepz not teh sabbath dai. Others sed, how can man dat iz sinnr do such miraclez? An thar wuz divishun among them.
17 They sayz 2 teh blind man again, wut sayz u ov him, dat he opend ur eyez? He sed, he iz profet. He pwnz.18 But teh JewCats did not bleev concernin him, dat he had been blind, an receivd his sight, til they calld teh parents ov him dat had receivd his sight.19 An they askd them, sayin, doodz, iz dis ur son, hoo ye say wuz born blind? WTF? How den duz he nao C?20 His parents anzwerd dem an sed, we knoe dat dis ar teh r son, an dat he wuz born blind:21 But by wut meanz he nao seez, idk; or hoo haz opend his eyez, idk: he iz ov age; ask him: he shall speek 4 him.22 Thees werdz spaek his parents, cuz they feard teh JewCats: 4 da JewCats had agred already, dat if any man did confes dat he wuz Christ, he shud be put out ov teh synagogue an cant has cheezburger.23 Therefore sed his parents, he iz ov age, ask him.

dis b teh word ov teh ceeling kat
tnx b too ceeling kat
go ehn peez n survey teh ceeling kat

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