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Friday, May 19, 2017


341 objects

1924 PHOTO ALBUM 28 PE KARMING co. industrial desine B/W- $287

There are twenty-eight black & white glossy photographs in this three-ring leatherette binder used by R. E. Kramig & Company of Cincinnati, Ohio to show off their expertise to potential new clients. Both binder and photographs remain in excellent condition. 

The company is still in business as boilermakers who provide coverings for pipes and boilers – as well as several other services including insulation for commercial clients.

 I copied the following information from Kramig’s web page.
Kramig Insulation dates back to 1896 when R. E. Kramig began the business. In 1902 he formed the first partnership with a business associate and in 1934 he incorporated. R.E. was instrumental in the beginnings of the insulation industry in Ohio. Needing qualified labor he desired an apprentice style approach to obtaining field skills. This led to the introduction of an insulator’s union in the early 1900s in the Ohio Valley. Kramig had been involved in commercial, industrial, power and even residential during the first two thirds of the 1900s.

 Each photograph has a label on the back – documenting when, where, and for whom the project pictured was performed. The above image is an example. It shows work done for The Cincinnati Coffin Company.

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