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Sunday, April 16, 2017


Jahn sevn, vyursz 44-52

Jewish bosscatz doan bleef 
45 So teh guards came back and teh Pharisees was liek "WTF! He not in bucket!"
46 And teh guards was liek "he talk differents from teh others!"
47 the Pharisees was like "nubs! u get trixed too?"48 "srsly guys. We no beleeve him. U must no beleeve him!49 just cuz dese lolcats DO NOT WANT teh law, Ceiling Cat hatez dem!"
50 But a Pharisee called Nicodemus waz like had gone to see teh Jesus. He waz liek51 "Guyz wait! We no can condemn b4 trial."
52 But de othur Pharisees waz liek "U nub. No profits from Galilee."

dos b teh word ov teh ceeling kat
tnx b too ceeling kat
go ehn pees n survey teh ceeling kT

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