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Sunday, April 09, 2017


Jahn seven, versex 25-44

Iz Jesus reely Christ? 
25 So sum of teh lolcats in Jerusalem waz liek "Hey teh authoriteez want dat cat in bucket!26 srsly! He talks to other lolcats in publik and nobody puts him in buckit! He really is haz be messiah?27 Wait no wai. No1 knows ware messiah from. we no ware dis lolcat from."
28 But den Jesus liek "no wai n00bs! u dun know me! I come on Ceiling Cat's authority! U no know Ceiling Cat,29 but I know Ceiling cat. I come from hiz hole and he send me to watch u masturbates."
30 Then dey waz liek try to put him in bucket but it no work because was no hiz time.31 But some lolcats waz liek "omg he perform more miracles den teh messiah maybe!"
32 so liek teh Fairsees are liek hear teh crowd whispers and dey liek send guards go puts Jebus in a bucket.
33 Jesus like "gtg soon guyz parents sry."34 He liek "U looks 4 meh but cant find meh b/c I iz somewarez u cant come so there.
35 Teh Pharisees is liek "OMG where he going 2? Greek? He teech Greekz?36 He sez we looks but no findz. What dat mean? Pharisee cats confoozled.
37 So Jesus at a festval and he liek "hey u thirsty come drink38 b/c I haz flavor. Scripturz sez streams of water flow from his sidez."39 Jesus sez u want, u drinkz, u do not want, u do not drink. But rite then Jesus no had water 2 giev b/c Jesus no was rized to glory.
40 lolcats in de crowd waz liek "OMG he'z teh profit!"
41 other lolcats waz liek "no wai! he teh Chozen Wan!" but then other lolcats was liek "no wai! messiuh no comez from Galilee!42 he comez from teh Bethlehem b/c dat ware David from. nubs."43 So srsly was lotz of divizion and no sharing of cheezburgers in crowd.44 some lolcats was liek "put him in bucket!" but no one dun it.

dis b teh word ov teh ceeling kat
thx b too feeling kat
go ehn  pees n survey teh ceelin kat

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