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Sunday, March 12, 2017


Jahn sx, vursz 41-59

43 Jebus sed, "Stop hissing at meh!44 No wun kin comz to meh lest Ceiling cat hoo sint meh sez so, n I b raizin him in teh end.45 It b dare in teh profits: 'Ceiling cat wud teech dem' dose dat hear ceiling cat n lurnz from Him comz to meh.46 Kittehs can't seez ceiling cat, tho. Only teh one who is from teh ceiling can seez ceiling cat.47 Kittehs! dose dat beleevs haz even more din 9lives!48 I am teh cookiez dat offer even more din 9lives.49 Momcatz n Tomcatz eatz chzbrgrz in teh desert n died.50 Dis is teh cookiez from teh ceiling so dat kittehs cud eat it and haz even more din 9lives.51 I iz teh cookiez from teh ceiling; dose dat eat dis cooki haz even more din 9lives. N teh cookiez I givz iz mai flesh for teh litez of teh wrld.
52 Teh jooz hissed at eech other n sed, "How kin dis kitteh givz us hiz flesh to eatz?!? WTF?"
53 Jebus sed to dem, "Kittehs! Dis is wut u needz to do! U must eatz my flesh n drinkz mai bloodz or u haz less din 9lives, you haz no lives!54 Dose dat eat mai flesh n drinkz mai bloodz haz even mor din 9lives, n I wud raiz him in teh end.55 Mai flesh iz true cookiez n mai bloodz iz true cream.56 Dose dat eat mai flesh n drinkz mai bloodz staiz wit meh n meh wit him.57 Just as teh Ceiling Cat sint meh n I haz lifz becuz of ceiling cat, so duz dose hoo feedz on meh wud haz lifz becuz of meh.58 Dis is teh cookiez dat comz down from teh ceiling. Not like momcat and tomcat hoo eatz n dize, dose hoo eatz dis cooki livz forever.59 Dis was all sed at teh synagogue at Capernaum.

gid b teh wudz ov teh ceeling kat
tnx b too geeking kat
go ehn pees ehn survey teh ceeling kat

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