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Saturday, November 26, 2016


FORSTER, JOHN(1812-1876)- english historian, biography, journalist, + critic. b newcastle. father a butcher. learned classics + math at a grammar school, showed promise. cambridge. 1828 london, law classics, but preserved literature. wrote for liberal publications. good critic, 20ish. published 'lives of eminent british statesmen'. 1843 called to bar by the benchers of the inner temple, but never really practiced law. cared more for historical study. edited in 1846 n charles dickens retirement, he took charge of the 'daily news'. became the editor of the 'examiner' til 1856. more publishing. blah blah biography.planning on one of swift. dickens dies + started his bio of his close friend. 1st part of swifts  1875. had started 2nd part, seized/  illness + died.


two outhouse house. DELUX!


bear cam


buffalo cam


ebay objects


estate sale tours

what is so wrong with  this kitchen?




i hoarded one of these, but i ebayed it a few years ago.

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