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Saturday, September 03, 2016


341 object

old bait shop wood SIGN BAIT - $71

grandpa would go ice fishing w/ grubs. he got mousies. had tails.
  we'd get minnows or catch our own. i did not like worms.



FORMOSUS- pope. the successor  of stephan V (or VI). no pope. bishop  of porto. aided germans against pop john VIII. excommunicated + no rome. but absolved by pope martin II, successor to john VIII. on death of stephan  V in 891, chosen pope. the italian faction had chosen  sergius & blah + F had to be confirmed by violence, but secure by the success + arms of arnulf of germany. after a's withdrawal, f compelled to grant imperial crown to lambert, son of guido of italy, but not enough. f saved by arnulf, who captured he city. end of 895. next yr arnulf crowned by formosus, but excesses by arnulf pissed italians off. by stephan VI, body of f  dug up + treated badly. theodorus II restored his burial + his pope shit ok.


architecture milwaukee 



ebay object

estate sale tour

the mini bottle & rifle sale. HOUSE TOUR! all the bottle fine, kept the upgraded ones i found.

 house built 1929

i have NEVER seen a 2 door towel linen closet like this from this era.




flea market hoard

hawaii cam





feb drive


estate sales tours

sale 2

sale 3

 sale 4

sale 5?

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