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Saturday, June 25, 2016


341 object

antique tussie mussie gilt sterling posey holder- $122


341 object

oil painting 1973 ohio walter fuller mt le conte, tennessee- $9

i like it


341 objects

3 ohio kentucky stone artifacts discoidal- $77




ebay objects 


estate sale tour

dentist, so got there w/ only 10-15 min to look. HUGE windows.

guess what i got.

small HIGH rooms. 


jan drive



1/2 the time there is a strong current going either way. what are they doing?


kitty pron

lake mills drive


may lake mills

lands & peoples




march drive


may drive

OH JEEZ! desecration. 


nov drive

oct drive


pansy book


photo album


pretty beach


pretty 2015

steve pic


Friday, June 24, 2016


341 object

art nouveau gilt bronze/brass 20.5 " ewer w/ dolphins & griffins- $117

Going outside to take pictures is dangerous work, but I do it for you . . . putting my life at stake each and every day.

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