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Saturday, May 07, 2016


FORFAR or ANGUS- maritime county of scotlaand. hilly, northern blah blah crofts dundee blah blah. history + antiquities. pict during romans. chiefdom by david II, roman battle  champions. battle of egfrid, king of northumbria + bride, king of the picts in 685 in w/ the former slain, battles w/ danes, defeat of elfin, king of the scots by ├Žngus in 730. + more celts, roman camps, gold bullets(coins), sculpted stone pillars, castles

FORFAR-- royal + parliamentary burgh of scotland. antiquity, before 1300. 1 time royal. alexander III castle. origin unknown, but believed where in 1059, the kings parliament of malcom canmore after the defeat of macbeth. occupied by the brits: early 14th c, but 1307 bruce captured it + destroyed it. pop in 1861 was 9258 + in 1871 11,031(catholics?).








estate hoard

i usually will grab all nice tooth pick holders. i had found 2 porcelain ones i used. but then i found this damaged one. no sale on ebay, so FINE. i am gonna use it.

it lived past its first owner. it will live longer still.





feb drive

 estate sale haul ebayed

from a clothespin bag. these were newer, but different. never seen wood like this.

crosshatch new too.


ebay object


eagle nest




unamped vehicle



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