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Saturday, January 02, 2016


341 objects

2 early antique spoke shaves/scrapers, 1 boning knife 1 boo boo- $12

A few weeks ago, I bought a big collection of antique hand tools and country stuff, and I was looking forward to photographing and listing a few of the smaller tools today. “It’ll be relaxing and fun,” I thought to myself. 


For the first lot I chose two early spoke shaves and a well-worn, and early boning knife. The wood has mellowed with a rich, colorful patina, and a three pieces are in nice shape. However, the real reason I pulled out this particular three is because they are about the same length, making packing easier.


While you look at the handle of that boning knife, I need to tell you something.
I grew up in a slaughterhouse, our family owned business, so I learned how to use knives cleavers, meat saws, etc. from an early age. I could cut pork chops with a cleaver at age 10; dress and quarter a steer by age 12; and work the boning table by the time I was 14. One of the last things to master is boning hams, which is part skill and part art form. It can also be one of the most dangerous since part of the process requires the meat cutter to pull the point of the knife blade toward his belly now and again. Many a ham boner has been injured when the knife slipped, and he ends up removing his own appendix.
The above is a roundabout way of telling you I’m well trained in the safe use of shape things.


Many times tool buyers inquire as to the sharpness of the blade if a particular tool has a blade, so I thought I’d check – so they wouldn’t have to ask. I picked up the first spoke shave and without giving it a split second’s thought, I ran my thumb down the side of the blade to check. Guess what! It was sharp, very sharp.


I’m sure you’ve heard the ignorant old saying that “nothing hurts like a paper cut.” Well, friends, I’m here to tell you that is a bunch of horse pucky. The blade cut deep and long, but that isn’t the worst part. When most normal people cut themselves bad enough to require stitches, they go to a clinic and have some medicine man do it. However, we’re duct tape people – not “go get stitches” people. Wouldn’t you know it – I’m out of duct tape so I’m making do until the hardware store opens and then I’ll treat the wound properly.

To be honest with you, the real reason I mention my accident and the associated pain and suffering is to encourage you bid a lot more than you would normally. After all, I nearly killed myself doing you a favor. Just keep that in mind.


Seriously, don’t worry about me. As soon as the hardware store opens, I’ll go buy duct tape, then make a paste out of turpentine, hogweed and rabbit droppings – cover it with a piece of rag and duct tape it in place. In a few days I’ll probably be fine unless it gets infected and I lose my thumb. Don’t worry, it was only partly your fault.


FONTENAY-LE-COMPTE- french town. antique looking. site of old roman town. captured by britain 1861. during the wars of huegenots, besieged 10 times. louis XIII in 1621 ordered fortifications demolished + 1649 during rebellion fell to the nobles of poitou during the revolution called forte nay-le-peuple. 1876 pop was 7309.



'indoor plumbing'

souvenir hoard

weird how creative people can have little shops in the middle of nowhere in denmark & can make a living. pre internets. i got a t shirt as well.


hi-way harry drive


estate sale haul

found last fall. finally sold them this year before xmas. i found one a few years ago. left it outside over a year + changed the color.

ebay object


dec drive

tree porn


amped car

59 dodge royal lancer

boulder junction drive

politiks approved






aug drive


aug 2014 drive w/ ryan

aug 2015 drive w/ ryan


marco pic


arne pic



april drive



Friday, January 01, 2016




341 objects

1949 selmer grand prix trumpet- orig jazz man owner- $1,575



kitty pron

lake mills drive

lands & peoples


march drive


nov 1st snow


nov drive

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