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Saturday, December 12, 2015


341 objects

7 antique awls gouges woodcarving leather- $44

The longest of these seven antique hand tools is 6 ½”, and the shortest is 3⅜”, so the grouping with mellow wooden handles is ideal to place in a bowl on your coffee table. Guests can’t resist holding and fiddling with them. However, if they start jabbing one another, you can take them away. 


FONDI- the ancient fundi. italy, appian way. portions  of its polygonal or cyclopean walls. castle  sadly dilapidated. pop 1871- 6632.
fundi was probably 1st a volscian town, 190 bc. full roman citizenship in Æmilian tribe. under augustus received  a colony of veterans. barbarian invasions, more from saracens in 845( i picked up a fancy looking book on the saracens, bit of age pox, but i ebayed it & it sold). election  of anti-pope clement VII in the town 1378 + in 1584 attacked + plundered by turkish corsair barbarosa who seakd to capture the beautiful countess giulia gonzaga as a present for the sultan.


341 objects
4  antique molding planes CH WALKER/CHILCHESTER NH - $13

A jazz musician everyone in his unit of the Army Air Corp called “Windy” fell in love with antique tools of all kinds. I’m not sure exactly when he began collecting, but it was some time after his jazz band was the entertainment at the officers club at Offutt AFB. General Curtis Lemay was the biggest hog a that trough. 




hi-way harry drive




hawk nest


frolics 2015


fall 2014


estate sale tour

lake geneva pt 2

the house


i like that table, but i have a nicer one, it has a lower HOARD shelf.

ooh that couch.

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