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Saturday, August 29, 2015



shrew's fiddle + hard labor


jan drive


july drive


june drive




feline exploitation


lands & peoples


fall 2013


march drive


may drive w/ ryan


35mm photo album


pie-day drive


pretty sky


oct yard pretty






pine squirrel



Friday, August 28, 2015


341 object

big antique oil painting- bull moose & water lilies on pond- $887

The sun creates sunlit areas as it climbs through the tree line, but the blue morning haze is still a prominent element of the background. A huge bull moose appears to have been distracted by something, the snapping of a branch perhaps, as he feeds on water lilies while standing in one of those small sunny areas.
He raises and turns his head toward the distraction, water dripping from his mouth. I’ve owned the painting quite a long time, and since it is untitled, I’ve always called it
“Moose Interrupted.” 


I have enjoyed the painting for all this time even though it was very dark due to decades of surface grime accumulation. When I decided to sell it, I sent it to my paintings conservator and had it cleaned. Wow! What a difference it made. I didn’t even know the upper left portion showed the blue haze of morning in the mountains.


I just got it back from its cleaning, and my restorer said she found no damage or overpainting. So, except for cleaning and a contemporary frame, it remains untouched. (Great frame I found, don’t you think? With its inlaid arrows, I think it is perfect for the piece. The only surprise was the cost of quality frames nowadays. Holy mackerel!)


341 object

vintage 4 star quilt, indiana estate- $318

From sometime around 1915-20 and up until the 1950s, Daisy Annabelle Leuchter (née Salmond) was a familiar face to residents of Columbus, Indiana. She and her husband Eckhart owned and operated the Leuchter Bakery. Eckhart made home deliveries of fresh-baked goods, so Daisy was most often the smiling face who handed loyal patrons their purchases – wrapped in paper and tied with string. 




estate hoard

before i heard of oaxacan critters. paid a whole 25¢. ALMOST did not take it.


hi-way harry




frolics 2015


fall 2014


ebay object


dentist drive




amped car

55 plymouth savoy





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