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Saturday, June 20, 2015


FLORIO, GIOVANNI(1552ish-1625)- lexicographer + translator. b london. tuscan , parents waldences who had fled persecution. left when mary became queen  + returned for elizabeth I. lived in oxford, + appt 1576ish preceptor to the son of barrens, bishop of durham. in 1578 published 'first fruits' which yield Familiar Speech, Merry Proverbs, Witty Sentences, + Golden Sayings(BARTLETTS!). BLAH another book blah blah teacher. french + italian blah. 1591 'second fruits'., to be gathered of 12 trees, of divers but delightsome tastes to the tongues of italian + english men. an italian + english dictionary in 1595. james I, named tutor  to prince henry, then gentleman of the privy chamber + clerck of the closet to the queen,  who he instructed in languages. lastly a translation of montaignes essays 1603. special interest british library has several copies. 1 signed by shakespeare + the other ben johnson. suggested shakespeare's character holofernes is florio in love's labor lost, also wood's in Athene Qxonienses. during the plague in 1625 he sought escape in fulham, but there seized + died.



VLAD THE IMPALER! 1477. impaled ROASTED + boiled heads.


jan drive


june drive




feline exploitation


lands & peoples


 fall 2013


march drive


may drive w/ ryan


may drive

35mm photo album

john michael art center in sheboygan. viewed from outside maybe. i forgot how the reflections were created. their conference room in the old house.


pretty flower


pretty yard

dead fever few.


grey squidl



Friday, June 19, 2015


341 object

antique 1800's ROCKINGHAM yellow ware 6 " mixing bowl NO DAMAGE- $42


341 object

VINTAGE wooden rainbow bread SIGN- $127

If you collect old farm primitives and country stuff, your home may be in danger of turning completely brown. I’ve seen it happen. Your friends may not tell you that everything in your living room is brown. Some of your things are light brown, reddish brown, tan or dark brown, but they’re still brown.
Therefore, I am offering this big, bold, heavy, and colorful sign for your own good. It is not an antique. I have no idea how old it is, but I’ve had it for quite a long time, so it is not new. I bought it from a guy who lives out east of Cincinnati, Ohio a ways. Naturally, I asked him how old it was.
His answer? Untellin’. 

Size = Whopper
It measures 44” by 20” by 1 ¼” thick and weighs 10 ½ lbs.


There are a few dings but nothing serious. The worst one is on the back where no one will ever see it, that is, until they start liquidating all your stuff when your days are up.


Oh wait! I almost forgot something.
If your name is O’Brian, and your friends are smart enough to understand anagrams and subtle humor, you need this piece.



big oil. of course i would do it all different. but its a better roadkill oil.






estate hoard

pretty for what?


hi-way harry drive




fall 2014

 estate sale tour

 too far, LOTS of jewelry + BLUE

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