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Saturday, April 25, 2015


FLINDERS, MATTHEW (1774- 1814)- english navigator, explorer, = man of science. b donington, lincolnshire. 1st destined to be a surgeon like father, but his enthusiasm in favor of a life of adventure(ISIS wanna-bes) impelled him to join the royal navy 1789. after a voyage to the friendly islands + west indies, after serving in the "bellephom" during howe's glorious 1st of june, 1794 off ushant , fl went out in 1795 as midshipman in the "reliance" to new south wales. for the next few years he devoted himself to accurately laying down the outline + bearings of the australian coast, + he did work so thoroughly  that he left little for his successors to do. w/his friend george bass, the surgeon of the "reliance" in the yr of his arrival explored george's river; + after a voyage  to norfalk island  in 3/1796, the 2 friends in the same boat, the "tom thumb" only 8 ft long + w/ only  a boy to help, explored the coast to s of pt jackson. after a voyage to  the cape  of good hope, when he was promoted to lieutenant  + fl was engaged 2/1798 in the survey  of the furneaux islands, n of tasmania. 9/1799, delighted w/ being commissioned w/ bass, who had explored the sea between tasmania + some south coast to say it was a straight, to sail the sloop "norfolk" to prove that van die mans land was an island  by going around it . in the same sloop, summer of 1788, fl explored to the n of port jackson, surveying glasshouse bay(moreton bay) + hervey's bay. returning to england, he was appointed to command an expedition  for thorough exploration of the terra australis coast, tho fl is said  to have been the 1st to suggest the name australia. on 7/1801 the sloop "investigator" in which the expedition sailed left spithead, fl furnished w/ instructions + with  a passport from  the french govt to their officials  in the eastern seas explore explore blah blah 1807 fl prisoner in Mauritius 1814 fl published his narrative. french foo foo great barrier reef. explore explore "investigator" leaky. disease. fl scurvy. going home on "porpoise" as passenger  w/ other ships. it reefs. destroyed. officers + men camped on sand back w/ provisions w/ papers. fl returned to port jackson in a 6 oar cutter to get rescue. left again on the "cumberland" landed in mauritius when leared eng + france  at war. papers seized. reached eng 10/1810. no promotion(red tape). wrote of his  exploration w/ maps. day they were published, he died at 40.



for witches.  or 'witches'. 


jan drive


kitty pron

is this why they switched to flat?


lands & peoples


amped fall 2013


march drive


oct drive


photo album


pie day w/ ryan


alaska volcano cams

i was poking around the web site cause there us activity at a volcano w/ out cams. more poking. there it was THE BEAR! only one shot. i once saw cat. + birds.


hard pretty


yard pretty


nutty squirrel



Friday, April 24, 2015



in figure painting, we had a 50ish unattractive older man. hour pose. i paint quick, so i think i did  3 quick silly paintings. and 2 more , but i just did his head + his foot. its not a pretty foot, but boy, i like it.




up north hoard

i found it in crandon




fall 2014


estate sale haul

i was so stupid. sure. the house was major MEH! but shit, the nut cracker collection he had amassed was astounding! silver, all types of pretty metal. several cast iron. me? i looked for ones i had fever seen before & stuck out amongst them all. a guy there pointed out the one w/ wooden handles. i thought & then finally got those, the other pretty one i grabbed 1st cause it was very different, cast iron just cause i had never seen 1 + i bet i can use it for tubes or ebay. i should try it on nail polish bottles.


ebay object


dec drive




amped car

51 buick le sabre




august drive w/ rayan


arne in bay view


arne in rio




april drive


small animal




Thursday, April 23, 2015



old mexican folk TIN MASK headdress & BIG tongue- $26

Now and again, whether through luck or the gift of exceptional talent, an unknown Mexican tinsmith/folk artist creates a work with personality and soul – one with true presence. This hanging mask is one of those. 


I think the red of the pupils has a lot to do with the personality of the piece. What do you think?  “Let’s hear the yeas and nays:” (Gavel raps) “The eyes have it. The opinion is passed by majority vote.”

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