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Saturday, April 18, 2015




for witches.




estate hoard


fall 2014


estate sale tour


ebay object

ooh. i want it.


dec drive

oh! semi pyramid door.




amped car

1950 studebaker 




august drive w/ ryan


arne in bay view


arne in rio




april drive


giant animal



i have 1 like this. but cracked.

Friday, April 17, 2015


FLINCK, GOVERT(1615-1660)- b. cleves. apprenticed by father to a silk mercer, but having secretly acquired a passion for drawing, was sent to lenwarden, where he boarded in the house of lambert jacobszon, a mennonite, known as preacher. here he was joined by jacob backer, + became companions + being alike towards art, confirmed his passion for painting. near jacobszon, were the sons + relatives of robert ulenburg, whose daughter saske  married rembrant in 1634. other members of the family lived in amsterdam involved in art. the pupils of lambert probably gained knowledge of rem by intercourse w/ the ulenburgs. certainly sand art, who visited holland in 1637. found flinck  one of r's best strudents + living habitually in the house of the dealer handpick ulenburg at amsterdam. for many years fl labored on the lines of rem, following his master's style in his works 1636-1648, he then fell into peculiar mannerisms by imitating the swelling forms + grand actions of rubens. finally he sailed w/ unfortunate complacency into the dead sea of official + diplomatic painting. fl's relations w/ cleves became  more important. he was introduced to the court of the great elector Frederick willism of brandenburg, who married in 1646 louisa of orange, who was made stadtholder of cleaves in 1649. in 1659 a citizen of amsterdam. fl married  in 1656 an heiress, d of the director of the dutch east india co. he was already well  known in patrician circles. intimate w/ poet vondel + the treasurer. in his house, adorned w/ antique cast, costumes, + a noble collection of prints, he often received  the stockholder johann moritz. blah art blah death sudden.

self portrait




jan drive


kitty pron


lands & peoples

vol II


fall 2013


march drive


oct drive


photo album


pie day w/ ryan


deadly pretty


pretty yard



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