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Saturday, April 04, 2015


FLEUR DE LIS- herald. its origin have diverse theories. according to old tradition, it was 1st employed as an armorial by clovis I + represents  the lily presented by an angel  to him at his baptism, the 3 flour de lis  of his shield being the sign  of the trinity. newton considers it to be the figure  of a reed  or flag in blossom, used instead of a septre at the proclamation of the frankish kings. in the opinion of chifflet, it was 1st adopted by louis VII, surnamed le jeune in allusion to his  name Louis floris, some again, have held that is is  the extremity of the francisque, a kind of javelin anciently used in france. an objection fatal to the above  + other theories assigning the flour de lis to french origin is that it was early an ornament of the setters, seals, + robes, not  only the merovingian, but greek, roman, german, spanish, + english kings +
 was a symbol employed by many noble families around europe in the 12th + 13th c, it started  to occur very perfectly sculptured , in the headdress of egyptian sphinxes, viola  of amalphi is said  by morel, to have marked the north end of the needle of the mariner's compass in honor of the naples king. since 12th c , the symbol of the french royalty.


old MEXICAN sterling silver alb claw hammer/presentation piece- $676

During one of my wanderings, must have been at least thirty-five years ago, I stumbled onto a street lined with on-going yard sales. I was somewhere in northern Ohio, and it was one of those times I was in no hurry to get home.
In hindsight, I wish I’d pumped the elderly lady selling it for more information. All I remember is that it was a retirement gift to her late husband who was an official with a local of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. She called it “his gavel.” I loved it then, and I still love it today. 


ebay sale

this bottle came from a very nice assisted living apartment sale. i got a lot of stuff there. i grabbed this bottle because of the star + the clock face. i prefer words on bottles. + not screw top.  paid maybe 25¢. i need to check on their prices. it sold for $37! many many views. many watchers. but bidder just liked it. then again. it was cool. upside-down 5 point star kinda different.



breast ripper. 130-1700's. cold or hot.


estate hoard

i remember this well cause i found it early in my estate sales. AND the house was on sherman boulevard. 


fall drive


estate sale tour

did it thurs. i knew i would not find much, + i was right, but i did buy some things.

WORSE in person.

i think the coffee table was gone.

in no way did the floor go w/ aqua. the sink was that blue too.

i think those glasses were gone.

basement stove.

chair gone too i think.


ebay objects


dec drive




amped car

49 packard




august drive w/ ryan


arne in bay view


arne in rio




april 2014


glowing animals

golden lion tamarins





Friday, April 03, 2015




brown ebay decoy


jan drive




kitty pron


lands & peoples

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