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Saturday, March 28, 2015


341 objects

3 antique DR MILES NERVINE display boxes 17 in- $437

Dr. Miles Medical Company had been in business since 1885, and Franklin Miles operated under that name until 1935 when the name changed to Miles’ Laboratory. Nervine hit the market in 1890, offering relief from just about everything what ails ya.
St. Vitus Dance? No problem. Fits and spasms – bring’m on.  He also promised relief from nervousness or nervous exhaustion, sleeplessness, hysteria, headache, neuralgia, backache, pain, and epilepsy. 


341 object

old leonine watercolor piazza della signoria FLORENCE palazzo vecchio- $89


341 objects

pr pastels IRISES virginia lee 1921-2012- $31



one of the prettiest awful things. the oral, rectal + vaginal pear. 1575-1700. 


ebay object


jan drive


kitty pron


lands & peoples


fall 2013


pie day drive w/ ryan


march drive


oct drive


photo album


weather pretty


yard pretty




feed me squirrel



Friday, March 27, 2015




estate hoard

small whipper/frother. 


feb drive


fall 2014


estate sale tour

HALF the tour. dr's house.  TOO FAR dammit!

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