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Saturday, February 28, 2015


FLANDRIN, JEAN HIPPOLYTE(1809-1864)- french painter, b lyons. his father, who bought up to business, had  a taste for art, + sought training. lack  of early training, however disabled his success, + he was obliged to miniature painting. hippolyte was the 2nd of 3 sons, all painters, 2 of thememinant. for the 3rd, paul, is one of the leaders of the 'modern' landscape school of france. auguste, the oldest, was a professor at lyons, where he died in 1840. after studying at lyons, h + paul, who had long determined on the step = economized for it, set out to walk to paris in 1829, to study under her sent. they chose  finally to enter the atelier of ingres, who became their instructor + tried at 1st considerably hampered by poverty, hips difficulties were removed by his taking in 1822 the grand prix de rome, awarded for his picture of the recognition of theseus. by his father, who allowed him to study 5 yrs in rome, whence he sent home several pictures w/ raised his fame. blah blah gold medal blah blah religious blah monumental decorative works, portraits 1856 elected to the academie des beaux arts. 1863 failing health made worse by incessant toil + exposure  to the damp + drafts of churches. he went back to italy. died of small pox. "f had perhaps too little pride in the technical qualities of his art." austerity + coldness in form + color. compared to far angelico, souls convicted of sin , than the joy + purity of  never-corrupted.

i like his stuff!

isn't it sad that we lost 2 iconic aliens so close. mork + spock. yoda better be careful.



a mid 1400's knight in armor being led to his hanging.


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Friday, February 27, 2015


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