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Saturday, December 27, 2014


FIR- the name originally given by Scandinavians to the scotch pine + a term for the conifers. but now "spruce" + "silver firs". illustrated. blah blah.

FIRDOUSI- abu'l casim mansur, who took the nom de plume, was a persian poet of great eminance. blah blah. b shadab 329ish of the hegira(941 ad). father maul an-ahmed, son of mauling fakhr-ed-din of the class dihkauh(persian hoi poloi") under the arabs, studied pohlari(old persian) blah blah BLAH. brits + their poetry! 3 pages. 2 on his poetry.


FIORILLO, JOHANNES DOMINICUS(1748-1821)- german painter + historian of art. b hamburg 10/1748. he received his 1st instructions in art at an academy of painting at baireuth; + in 1761, to study further, he 1st went to rome, where 4 yrs pupil of batori, + then bologna, where he studied under bigari + lull: in 1769 he got admission to the academy of bologna. back to germany, + obtained the appt of historical painter to the court of bruswick. in 1781 went to gollingen + was a drawing master, + was named in 1784 keeper of the collection of prints at the university library.  appt professor extraordinary in the philosophical faculty in 1799 + ordinary prof in 1813. during this time he had made a name as a writer. blah blah titles. good info. so so writing. painted almost til death, but left no 'masterpiece'. most notable of his works- surrender of briseis. died gottingen 9/1821.



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Friday, December 26, 2014


FINLAY, GEORGE(1799-1875)- a historian of greece "from its conquest by the romans to the 'present time'". b scottish family in kent. 12, 1799. his father major john finlay, RE, FR's, who held for some time the post of inspector of the govt. powder mills at faversham + waltham abbey, died when george young(1802), but the boy has left on record how his interest in history was awakened when young by the way his mom explained the history opt england. on his mother's remarriage, he was sent to boarding school., where he was 3 yrs-not profitably according to gf. after schooling continued under private tutor living w/ his uncle, kirkman finlay, who was a member of parliament for glasgow of hurfgs. at some time laid up pleasant + life-long memories of the boating, fishing, + pedestrian excursions.for which the shore the firth of clyde offer. at 1 time he thought of the army, but dissuaded by friends, he went to university to study liberal arts + went to law. he received his preliminary training in a writer's office in glasgow + when 20, went to gottingen to complete his studies in roman law. but before this, he was drawn to contemporary greece + at the hanoverian inn; he was unable to ignore the 'current' drama. "i conversed much w/ everybody i met who had visited greece, read all the works of modern travelers, +associated a great deal w/ the only greek who was staying at gottingen. in 1823 he resolved to visit greece, so he could judge for himself about war. 11/1823 he arrived in cephalonia, where he met lord byron + sir charles napier + kindly received. then to pyrgos, then others = missolonigla for 14 months learning the langauge, history, + exploring antiquities. soon had an unfavorable opinion of the rapacity, SELFISHNESS + INCOMPETANCE of the greek leaders, both civil + military. but for the cause of g independence. a severe fever in 12/1824,
changes scene + went to rome, naples + sicily. after a summer at castle toward, argyllshire, went to edinburgh + attended classes + passed exams for civil law, but greece still called him. blah blah 1829 greece still stupid, + concentrated on literary work about greece. books.





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Thursday, December 25, 2014


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FINLAND- no map!( suomi/suemenniaa- the swampy region of which finland- fenland- is said to be a swedish translation). a grand-duchy ferming an administrative division or govt of russia. disease, typhus, nervous fever, + in dry summers diarrhea. emigration to russia, norway, or USA. mainly ,michigan.
history- it was probably at the end of the 7th or beginning of the 8th c that the finns took possession of what is now finland, though it was only when christianity was introduced around 1157, that they were brought into contact w/ civilized europe. they probablyfound the lapps in possession of the country. the early finlanders do not seem to have had any govt, but to have lived in separate committees + villages independent of each other. their mythology consisted in the deification of the forces of nature as "Ukko", the god of air, "Tapio", the god of the forests, + "ahyi", god of water, etc. brave + troublesome to neighbors, + their repeated attacks on the coast of sweden drew attention of the kings eric IX, accompanied by the bishop of upsala, henry(an englishman it is said) + at the head of a considerable army, invaded the country in 1157, when the people were conquered + baptized. king eric left the bishop w/ his priests + some soldiers to confirm the conquest + complete the conversion. after a time he was killed + canonized + as st henry became patron st of finland, as sweden had to attend to sweden, f was slowly reverting to independence + paganism w/ in 1209 another bishop + missionary, thomas(also english) arrived + began work of st henry. bishop t nearly succeeded in detaching f from sweden, + forming it into a province subject only to the pope. the famous birger jarl undertook a crusade in f in 1249, compelling the tavastians, one of the subdivisions of the f proper, to accept xtianity, + building a castle at javastehus. it was torkel knutson, who conquered + connected the karelian finlanders in 1293, + built the  strong castle of wiborg. warwarwar between russia + sweden. in 1323 it was settled that the river rajajoki should be the boundary between russia + f/sw. after the final conquest of f by sw, they spread among the finns their civilization gave them laws, introduced agriculture + other beneficial acts. the reformed religion introduced to f by gustavus vasa, 1528ish + king john III raised it to a grand-duchy. the country suffered during the wars. his predecessor having created a nobility- counts, barons, and nobles, gustavus adolphus early 1600 established the diet of f. comprised of  the 4 orders of the nobility, clergy, bourgeois, + peasants. gustavus + his successor did a lot for f''s schools, gymnasia, churches, education + printing. during charles XI(1692-1696) famine + pestilence. around about 60,000 died in 9 months. 1848 bad. peter the great wanted f + tried in 1710. he got keksholm + villmanstand + by 1716 all of f. had time. many died in wars of charles XII blah blah. 1741 swedes try to get it back, but mismanagement + disaster + gave in 1742. 1,788 under gustavus III, whose reign started 1771 gave them laws. latin disappeared + swedish adopted. 7 year war in 1788 under gustavus IV. in 1809 the whole of f + a land islands to russia. the finns fought russia blah blah under alexander II prosperous + progressive.






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