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Saturday, December 13, 2014


FILANGIERI, CARLO(1786-1867)- an italian general. son of an acountant, gaetano filagieri. b naples. soon after his father died. in 1799 went to france + thru influence of the 1st counsel, admitted to the prytanec, then training school for officers, where he stayed 2 yrs. entering french army, promoted to rank of captain on the field of austerlitz afterconnected himslf w/ the neopolitan army, which he went w/ to spain 1808, where he fought brilliantly, tho not always considerate valor. fought many deuls, 1 w/ general franceshi, who he killed. by 1821, made general by murat, + decotaed w/ the order of deux-siciles, after being severly wounded by the austrians. on restoration of the BOURBONs to naples throne. F opposed the 1820 constitution + a decided partisan of absolute . he however pissed of ferdinand I, but on ferd II, he was head of artillary + engineers. 1848 he helped check revolutionary movement, by taking messina blah submission of sicily + appointed gov of sicily. dictator power. got title of duke of tuormina.













Friday, December 12, 2014



FIJI ISLANDS- the fiji or more CURRENTLY Viti archapelego(fiji being the pronunciation in the easterrn + tongan. nearest are the samoan. blah details blah. diseases + climate. 4 pgs. hitory- '1st' seen by tasman in 1643 the southernmost turtle islands by cook in 1773, bligh visited them in 1789. cpt wilson/"duff" in 1797. in 1827 d'urriville/"astrolabe" surveyed them more accurately. the 1st by USA in 1840. up to that time, owing to evil reputation of the islanders. europeans landing limited. around 1804 some escaped convicts from australia + runaway sailors established themselves around east viti levu, + by lending their services to the neighboring chiefs, led to their pre-services over the rest. na illivan, chief , established before his death in 1829, a sort of supremacy, which extended to brother tanoa, + by tanoa's son, thakomhau blah. tongans needed wood for canoes, led by maafu made himself chief, but fighting WS demanded £9000 for injuries LAWSUIT! cushed by king geoge of tonga, who in 1855, had arriived + after some offense demanded £12,000 for is services, thakanhau converted when hopes dashed. 1854 sold 100,000 acres for $ to US. blah blah. dr seeman. debt govt


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Thursday, December 11, 2014



FIGUERAS(wiki says FGUERES)- FRONTIER town of spain. struggling citadel an irregular pentagon. 1 of the strongest built by ferdinand VI. in 1794 it was  surrendered to the french, but retaken in 1795. french again in 1808, but forced to vacate in 1811, 1813 driven out, but french again in 1823. pop 10,000ish.



Wednesday, December 10, 2014



341 objects

antique leather working tools from primitive wood tool box- $91

eBay item #111517100510 selling on Nov. 20th is a leatherworker’s box. These tools were in that box. Since I know a whole lot less than awl there is to know about leatherworking, I’ll simply show you a LOT of pictures and hope for the best. 

Seven or eight of the tools are, in my uninformed opinion, quite special.  Three are super-nice, and one is a killer, if it is, in fact, a tool.

A leather “collar,” for lack of a better word, is strung with huge leather “beads.” Whatever it is, it’s the best one I’ve even seen. The strap, complete with buckle, is 15”, and the leather beads are as large as 1 ¼” in diameter. Maybe it’s some sort of a steampunk erotic stimulator. I just simply don’t know.


There are jabbers, stabbers, stickers, and a “marking outfit” for stamping leather. There is also an iron awl with a maker’s logo – very old. But there is one thing with broad appeal, and I’d love to know what the devil it is.

Don’t worry. You’ll get tired of seeing that bead thing before we’re done.


The hammer has a little split in the handle, and a few of the other doodads have separations in the turned handles as well. The marking outfit is old and cool as the dickens.  It is complete.


estate sale tour

more from the east side condo. not gonna do it.

weird colors.

they entertained.


figeac train station.

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