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Saturday, November 29, 2014


FIESCO/DE FIECHI, GIOVANNI LUIGI(1523ish-1547)- count of lavagna, genoese conspirator, was descended from a great historical family(popes innocent IV + adrian V, became at 23 the head of his race + possessor  of considerable states. he had allied himself by marriage to the cibo family, his wife eleanora, then about 20, of high spirit, great beauty, + remarkable attainments. to the advantage of youth + wealth f added those of a fine figure, a handsome countenance + fascinating manners. he was ambitious of power + high place +  inherited from his ancestors a strong passion of jealousy + hatred against the doria family, the head, andrea doria, was then doge of the republic, while his nephew, the young gianettino doria, commander of the galleys-w/ personal + family hostility was combined. the political enmity between imperial + french (aristocratic + popular) parties, - the doria belonging to to the former + being warmly supported by the nobles(GOP + rich), while F were of the later + leaned upon the popular class. bent on overthrow of the doge + the doria, giovanni luigi made an attempt to secure francis in his enterprise, but did not succeed. the negotiations were afterwards renewed thru willian du bellay, then french ambassador to italy,
+ an anders Standing who came to that object of the proposed revolution should be to subject the republic to the king of france. the sanction of pope paul III obtained- the alliance of the duke of parma + placentia secured. associated w/ giovanni luigi were his brothers geromaio + ottobuoni,
+ his friends vincenzo calgano, de varese, + raffaello sacco. troops were levied in parma + report of these suspiscious preps sent to andrea doria + put on guard. but his regard for the count forbade him to entertain suspicion + no preps taken(georgee + bin laden 2000). when ready, f invited the dories to a banquet 1/1/1549, purposing to assassinate them on arrival, but the doge declined the invite, his nephew gianettino had to leave genoa for a few weeks + foundered. the next night however taking advantage of the unsettled state of the city at the period of re-election of the doge. f led out his hand(having 1st by a display of affection to the doge, to throw him off guard) seized the arsenal, + attacked the galleys while passing along a plank from the quay to one of the galleys. their leader fell into the sea + drowned. the darkness + the confusion preventing his cries for help to be heard. the other conspititors proceeded to their task, + gianettino was killed. the doge escaped + the troops + the flight of the leaders, he returned to genoa + welcomed(war rally). eleanora escaped to massa, remarried + survived him many years + died in florence 1594.


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vintage WOODEN BOX w/ #401 watchmakers set- $33

What is it about boxes that make us love them so? My momma always said, "Life was like a box of watchmaker’s tools. You never know what they’re really for.” 


That thing about my momma was a big fat lie, but it is true that most of us simply love boxes – all types and sizes. Freud probably said something dumb about our love of boxes, but that’s how he made a living.

I wish I had taken a couple minutes out of my life and spruced up the box with some colored wax, some extra fine steel wool, and a rag, but I didn’t. That leaves you with something fun to do this winter – if you have two or three minutes to spare.


Not that it matters a hill of beans, but that black label tells us what’s inside the box.


Open the box and you’ll find an eight-piece doodad with a little bit of surface rust that will come off easily if it bothers you, which it won’t because, as you’ll recall, we’re interested only in the box.

pp- NO! its a mini tool + die kit! oh man. what could i do w/ it? you make screws & screw holes. mini ones. how CUTE.

After you spruce it up, put it on a side table or your coffee table. I guarantee you everyone who comes over will pick it up. When they start to unhook the latch, shout at them: “On Lord no! Don’t open that!”
Naturally, they’ll ask why. That’s when you apologize, take it from their hands, and take it out of the room. When you come back, simply say, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know I left that sitting out.”


What’s the use of having friends if you can’t mess with their heads now and again?


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Friday, November 28, 2014


FIESCHI, JOSEPH MARIE/GIUSEPPE MARCO FIESCHI(1790-1836)- assassin. the chief conspirator in the attempt on the life of louis philippe in 1835. a native of corsica. after following  his dad's profession(shepherd), at 18 entered the corsican legion innaples, + served murat, king of naples. 1814ish in corsica. part of fatal expedition of murat to recover his crown. death sentence, but not. back to corsica. (1816 conviction to prison 10 yrs, theft + forgery) did poorly on release. paris after 1830 revolution + forged papers to get pension. became a policeman. violent housewife. facts came tonight w/ cost him his friends + his job. exasperated by his dismissal + ineptitude of the govt. " he vowed a terrible vengeance". he took lodgings in the boulevard du temple, + there, w/ several confederates, contrived his "infernal machine", constructed w/ 20 gun barrels, to be fired simultaneously. in july,1, 1835, the 5th anniversary of the revolution to be celebrated. vague rumors getting afloat of some impending catastrophe, an attempt on the king, prudential measures were taken. on 28th, as louis phil was holding a grand review, + passing along w/ his 3 sons + staff, a sudden explosion heard, followed by others + the pavement strewn w/ dead + wounded men. a ball grazed the king's forehead + his horses. w/ duke of nemours + the prince de joinvile was shot, but the king + sons escaped. fieschi severely wounded by his machine + he attempted to flee, thru much skill he was saved to be tried by law. at his trial he named his accomplices. displayed much bravado, + expected of feigned to expect a pardon. condemned + guillotined 2/1836 on the scaffold made in theatrical display at the feet of his confessor. 2 of his accomplices executed. 1 got 20 yrs + 1 acquitted.



bridge collapsed while building the bridge + 79 iron workers fell to the river. 18 died.


FIERI FACIAS- english law. writ of execution.


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vintage bizarre XMAS nightlight glass rods 1935 tree form- $61

Over the course of the last eighty-five years or so, this outlandish light has morphed from the mythical to the bizarre, and I mean “outlandish” in a good way. It was made soon after the Great Depression but before the hostile takeover of Christmas by big corporations. 


The green cap into which 21 glass rods are inserted is rubber, and it is in fine condition.


They are all there, and none are damaged. Next, the good part.

Once upon a time, when our crazy little light was new, it included a covering for each rod. Only one remains. The others have turned up missing. The covers looked like a branch of a Christmas tree. You’d slip them over each rod – kinda like a fuzzy green condom. Frankly, I like it better the way it is now.
Like people, antiques and oddities should be judged for what they are now – not what they once were. Take me for example. I was once a little rowdy and rough around the edges. Now I’m perfect.


The last patent number is from 1934-35.


If you’d like the tips of the glass rod to glow another color, there are three ways to do it. First, use a colored bulb. Second, dab a little paint on the inside ends of the rod. Finally, colored cellophane placed up near the rod bases will do the same trick, but keep it away from the bulb.


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Thursday, November 27, 2014


HENRY FIELDING (1707-1754)- the pedigree the novelist will always be remembered byan eloquent passage in one of gibbon's essays "our immortal fielding was of the younger branch of the earl's of denbigh, who drew their origin from the  counts of hapsburg.  the lineal descendants of eltrieb,  in the 7th c, duke of alsace. far different have been the fortunes of the english + german diivisions of the family of hapsburg. the former, the knights + sheriffs of leicestershire, have only risen to the dignity of a peerage; later, the emperors of germany + kings of spain, have threatened liberties of the old, + invade the treasures of the new world. the successors of charles V may disclaim they brethren in england; but the romance of tom jones- that exquisite picture of humor + manners- will outlive the palace of the esquival + the imperial eagle of austria." f born near glastonbury, 4/1707. there was nothing in the circumstances of his birth to foreshow that the descendant of such illustrious ancestors would drift as rapidly as he did into bohemia. his father, the youngest son of the earl of desmond + grandson of the 1st earl of denbigh, is said to have distinguished himself as an officer under marbourough, tho details of his career not known. shortly after the battle of ramifies, he settled in england as country squire, having married the daughter of sir henry gould, a judge. captain f'sfamily grew + his love of profuse hospitality manifested itself, + when, on the death of his 1st wife, he re-married + this 1 fetile too, it became apparent that his eldest son, the future novelist, would have too little patrimony, but his wits. his book education had been conducted ordinarily. taught by the family chaplain + then eton. did not go to oxfordd w/ lyttleton + pitt, but needs of economy at home.. to the univ of leydon. not much known about 1st 20 yrs. 1st sketch of don quixote in england. friends w/lyttleton. later studious. £200 per an umm from dad. started writing for the stage. blah blah blah. managed a theater. early F's best work burlesque. married a glastonbury 'belle' + heiress of £1500 1737ish. spent her money. he left to live in the country. which he inherited from his mom. but back to drudgery of writing plays. marriage problems. the institution of the lord chamberlain's censorship, + consequete dispersion of the great mogul's company was a great damper on f's writing, just as he had hit a new profitable vein. in 1737 he entered as a student of the middle temple, + devoted himself w/ energy the study of law. back to writing. magazine writing. attempt at law 1740, but unsuccessful.back to writing. blah pamela blah SNARKlord chamberlain banned his last play. wife ill. wife died. no books, but preface. magazine work. married his deceased friend's maid, but a maid of very good heart + she would be good set-mother. appt justice 1749. tom jones, a foundling blah blah, his last work 'Amelia'.  more magazine work. 1753 dropsy. tried waters at bath. went to lisbon. but died 1754.



the blue turkey bird of happiness to everybody



vintage JOHN OSTER COCKTAIL MIXER, works- $326

Long before we had blenders, pasta makers, and salad shooters, John Oster Mfg. Co. of Racine, Wisconsin was producing his Cocktail Mixer. This one is from 1935, and it still works fine. 


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