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Saturday, November 22, 2014


FIELD, NATHAN- dramatist + actor at the time of elizabeth I. b 1587ish. son of the rector of chipplegate. rev john field + early because 1 of the cauldron of queen e's  chapel in 1600 he played 1 of the principle parts in ben johnson's 'cyntia's revels.which was acted by children. next year he played in the poetaster, in 1607 in gassy d' ambois, + in 1608 in epicene as 1 of the 'children'. his name the only name of 1600 children known. in 1612 while still young he brought out his 1st play. a comedy- a woman is a weathercock. in 1613 he was engaged w/ daborne in writing a play which has not survived + soon after the 2 authors, w/ massinger paying henslowe for a small sum of $ to free them from imprisonment. in 1618 F printed 'amend for ladies', in which he reversed his 1st play + validated women. it has been supposed that f had some hand in editing the 1st folio of shakespeare in 1623. he certainly assisted massinger in that year composing his tragedy- the fatal dowry. in 1639 he reprinted amend for ladies. d 1641. his elder brother theophilus also a writer of verse; entered the church + rose to bishop. blah blah.


volcano cam-ilamna


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old folk art BLACK SNAKE, leather tongue & eyes goofy face- $22

In all the time I’ve had this little critter I’ve never been able to determine the material. At first I thought it was wood, but it isn’t. I’ve never seen another like him, and I love the leather tongue and eyes. The rest shall remain a puzzle. 


If you are old enough to remember Kukla, Fran and Ollie, doesn’t this snake look almost like Ollie? Maybe it’s just me.


 Giving him a coat of wax would make him shiny black. I almost did that one day then decided against it.



why the GOVT wired america for telephone + rail. why we need a NEW infrastructure push. DSL FOR ALL. and UPGRADE THE INTERNETS!


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Friday, November 21, 2014


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vintage 48" SLIDE RULE Pickett N4-ES vector 1960-64- $252

I don’t know if Picket was the first to advertise their slide rules on the big wall-hanging ones used by teachers, but when you examine this one closely, you can tell it’s not only a tool but also an advertisement. On one end, you’ll see: “PICKET – ALL AMERICAN – ALL METAL – SLIDE RULES.”
This whopper is made of wood, and there is some chipping along the edges – nothing heartbreaking. Someone disguised it some time back, and I think he used yellow chalk. Nonetheless, touching it up correctly won’t be a big task. 

Notice it has eyehooks on both ends, top and bottom. Turning it around is likely when the chipping took place. Teachers, especially in the field mathematics, are notoriously clumsy.


Dual-Base Speed Rule


 We all had to learn to use one of these when I was in school. Today, not so much. However, as a piece of art, it’s a killer.


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2 vintage STORE SHOE STANDS wooden + adjustable- $123


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akutan volcano cam


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Thursday, November 20, 2014


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vintage ANTON HLAVACEK piano accordion prague 80 bass- $169

The day I brought this accordion home, I couldn’t wait to show off my discovery to my dear spouse, She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed. It was one of those days I’ll not soon forget. I carried it in, took it out of what remains of the case, and held it to my chest as if to play her a tune as she sat in her easy chair, her cat asleep in her lap.
She loves butterflies, so with one hand I was about to point out the butterflies when I found out about those two little leather straps that hold the bellows closed. They weren’t fastened. I didn’t drop it, but it was close. I held on tight with my other hand. Nonetheless, while wrestling to regain control, it let out a racket words cannot describe. The rest of the day and well into the night, we searched for the cat. 


The cat recovered emotionally, though he still pins his ears back and crouches any time I carry something inside in a black case. Apparently, cats don’t appreciate accordion music.
I realize that tells you nothing about this instrument, but I wanted to make you aware of the importance of the two little straps. Make certain they’re snapped closed before picking up an accordion. (Even though you have probably figured it out by now - I want to be perfectly clear. I know nothing about accordions, but since ignorance has never stopped me before, let’s get on with it.)


There is no denying the fact that it is a thing of beauty. Butterflies and flowers are the most striking elements, but you will also notice two bands of green, butterscotch, and white, one at each end of the bellows. There is no shortage of detail.


Now listen up for a second. Most of my description, except for the following measurements, is conjecture, banter, BS, and a little bit of fun. However, down near the bottom you’ll find an “Important Note.” I put it in red to help you find it. It concerns “things to come.”


"Ant." is short for "Anton," and “Praha,” as it turns out, simply means Prague, a city most movie-lovers associate with cobblestone intrigue and foggy midnight meetings along the Vltava River where secrets pass between spies in trench coats, collars turned up, fedoras pulled low across their brows. Backchannels remain open thanks to a sultry dame known only by her code name, Svetlana the Slut. “Slut,” she whispers with warming breath, her blood-red lips touching Hunter "The Hawk" Hawk's" earlobe, “Svetlana Slut.”
An old hand in the world of black ops, Hawk knows the drill, and Svetlana knows he knows as well as he knows she knows he knows. Oops. Sorry. We were talking about accordions.


The celluloid is in fine condition, and it catches the light with great drama. There must be a name for this type celluloid, but I’ve always called it “toilet seat,” which, as a seller, isn’t a term I enjoy using. Fill me in if you know the correct term. I’ll make a note of it.


Yes, I do see that the key on the right is a bit raised, but I believe it to be something easily fixed. However, if it stays like that for more than four hours . . .


The bellows appear to be in good shape.
I guess I should mention the hardshell case. A metal tag inside says “M. Hohner, The World’s Best,” while another metal tag reads, “Design patented Oct. 6, 1881, No. 85280, Other patents pending.” Something tells me it is not the original case, but I could very well be wrong.
It (the case) is not in good condition, but it is hard and strong, which makes it a good first packing box. I wouldn’t put much stock in the case since the handle hangs by one end and the hinges are only partly present. It is, however, shaped like an accordion.

The piece of wood on one end acts as if it would come off easily if I wanted it to. But rest assured, I wouldn’t open that thing on a bet. When I tilt the whole instrument one way or another, I can hear something small rattle around inside. I may try to open it just enough to remove whatever that is, but remember -  I said “I MAY.” I’m not promising anything. One of us, me or the accordion, could be injured in such an undertaking.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Later today, while the cat is sleeping, I am going to take the accordion way out back in the woods behind my house. I’ll check every note and report back on my findings. Go ahead and bid anyway. I’ll add the “Squeeze and Wheeze Report” as an addition to the listing. (Who knows? I may find out I'm an accordion savant.) 


As always, I guarantee there’ll be no disappointments. There is one exception in this case. If you win it, pay for it, I ship it, and you received it and only THEN realize you don’t know how to play an accordion, all bets are off.


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antique humidor- $726


volcano cam



cold pretty

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