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Saturday, November 01, 2014


odd pretty




volcano cam



yard pretty


port washington drive


35 mm


estate sale tour


ebay object


arne in milwaukee





85 of '300' women burned for 'consorting w/ the devil in 1591.



RITE activist judge. 


april drive




arne pic


arne in milwaukee


august drive w/ ryan


amped car


ebay object


estate sale tour


hi-way harry drive


kitten pron


lands & peoples


vintage decoy + float


march drive


may drive


oct drive w/ ryan

ok. now where?


port washington drive





Friday, October 31, 2014


auntie hoard

MINE!!!! mini dice




yard pretty


port washington drive


estate sale tour


ebay object


341 object

1920's VINTAGE BRANDT auto cashier WINGED GRIFFIN- $66

If you live near Fairfield, Ohio and you were caught in an unexpected rain shower about 9:15 a.m., I’m sorry. It was my fault.
I was hoping the curse had expired, but I was wrong.
After checking the weather by stepping outside and looking all around, it looked safe, so I went to the attic and retrieved this old and fabulous piece of equipment, which weighs 26 lbs., and took it outside to photograph. The rain started before I could boot up my camera. 

Not that it matters; but it does work. One button has turned up missing, the “Unlock” button. The post is still in place, but the little knob identifier ran away. Still, pushing the post unlocks the other buttons.

Push a button, and the number on the button is the amount of change that will drop into the hopper. Slide the hopper, and it will drop into the palm of your hand. I’ll show you in a jiffy. Just keep your panties on.


The last patent date on this model F-100 is 1921. It was made by “Brandt Automatic Cashier Company” of Watertown, Wisconsin – U.S.A.  Watertown is about 60 miles NNE of Janesville and 55 miles west of Milwaukee. It is where the Rock River swells up into wonderful water playground.


Push a button, and you’ll hear the change fall into the hopper.  Then, with your hand, reach under the front and push the cup-shaped thingy.


Git it?
The bad news is that it is not a magic amber or golden goose. You’ll need to put the coins in the upright holders on the front. It does not make the coins.


If you decide to hit the road in search of a nicer example, pack well, and take a lot of gas money with you. Kiss your spouse goodbye, and keep in mind how young your children were when you left. By the time you get back, they’ll be married and have children of their own.

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