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Saturday, March 08, 2008



was looking in antiques. pretty.


CATACOMBS- pgs 206-216. lots of illustrations.

CATAWBAS- american-indian tribe in N + S.C. now almost extinct, but provided valuable assistance during the revolution, joined the cherokees, but went back to the carolinas. grouped with cherokees, choctaws, muskogees, ad natchez. language close to waccos.

CATAGORY- pgs 221-226. philosophy?

CATGUT- cord of great toughness from intestines of sheep. harp, violin strings and other instruments. ill fed sheep make the strongest.

CATHEDRAL- 2+?!? no illustrations?????

CATHERINE, ST. - 6 of the name

1. virgin and martyr. 25th nov.

2. st. c of sweden. abbess of watzen d. 1381. 21st march.

3. st. c of sienna b. 1347 april 4.

4. st. c of bologna. family name vigri. died abbess of st. clairs, march 9, 1463.

5. st. c of genoa. noble family of fieschi, b 1448ish. spent life caring for the sick, esp plague that hit genoa in 1497 +1501. d in 1510. canonized by clement XII in 1737, put in calendar, july 22 by benedict XIV.

6. St C of de Ricci of florence. b. 1522. became nun d. 1589 and canonized by Benedict XIV in 1746. feb 13. miricles chronicled only C of genoa not ordinary. monastic, miracle of 'levitation'.

#1 said to have been of royal parentage. life refered to the early 4th c. martyred in alexandria. was bound to a wheel with spikes, so that every turn would pierce her body, but the ropes failed. represented by the wheel(did you see antique roadshow a few weeks ago?)

Cath of siene. ok, sounds asinine to me.







Police: Woman, 80, Punches Cop, Throws Handcuffs

TAVARES, Fla. -- An 80-year-old woman went down swinging when a police officer tried to arrest her.
A Tavares police officer pulled the woman over at the intersection of U.S. Highway 441 and Huffstetler Drive for an improper lane change.
Authorities said Thalia Logas refused to sign a ticket and punched the officer in the stomach and chest several times when he tried to place her under arrest.
The officer called for back up and a Lake County Sheriff's deputy arrived.
The two officers said they finally got the handcuffs on her, and she managed to wiggle out of them and threw them out the window of the police car.
"Obviously we want to make sure we handle somebody of that age with care," Jody Maltzman of the Tavares Police Department said.
"If it was my mom, I'd be wanting to have it out with that policeman," Tavares resident Ralph Smith said.
Logas was out of jail on bond Friday morning.



the bathing cap.
WE did not make this. this was sent to us to replate and gve it a verdi gris patina. this rich woman commisioned several stained glass shops to make what she wanted. not that schlizt couldn't make a all-over magnolia. i think we made a sunflower or something for her. maybe she didn't want to pay schlitz prices.



Friday, March 07, 2008





found on ebay. made a lot of money.



bonus psycadelic
M-large pastel. 2 full pages of rag paper. 4'x6' i think. donated to school as i had gotten scholarships. being trashed in an office.


more bonus pastels. all much better than today's. bigger too.

'Vipere' taint so good.


so, was reading about the Clement popes last night. 9yes, i gotta get posting all my notes. more daily EB!), and i hit something that i just HAVE to post out of order and repeat.

in the listing for Clement VII (pope during Henry VIII vs Charles V, and luther). so says the EB-This administration affords PROOF that at eventful crisis of the world's history, MEDIOCRITY of CHARACTER is more disastrous than mediocrity of talent.


double bad.








a pastel i did for an illustration assignment.

Thursday, March 06, 2008



not sure what it was other than mouse.



so, went by attaturk the snowman. he got BIGGER. lost arms too. maybe next week he'll diet.



holy fucking cow. hot diggity damn. so, that estate sale a few weeks ago. the one with the abused antique russian wood painted bowl and spoon. did i post pics? hell of a time cleaning paper and dirt and crap off. still not great. but the spoon is in good shape. ANYWAYS. those i is hoarding. but the dice shaker? ebay. 8 people watching. 1 day to go. finally got a bid. $2.99. not bad since i paid 50¢. now $15. wheeeeeee. the top might be copper!
and grandma's hoard already has bids. a KIMBY charm. a what? GOOGLE. WIKI! and the princess phone charm. and the old kid's tin might get a bid. i gotta get going on grandma's hoard. auntie is not gonna live forever. that's gonna be ebay land. and 3 estate sales i bet.
god i love recycling!



CASTOR OIL- from palma christi plant from the east indies. used for lighting in india as well as domestic and medical. slight odor and highly nauseus and disagreeable taste. the taste a great impediment to its use.

CASTRO, Ines De.- b 1325-1355. called collode garza-heron's neck. born the bastard w/2 brothers, father Don Pedro Fernandez de Castro and mother noble portuguese lady Dona Aldonsa Soares de Villadares. educated at semi oriental courtof juan manuel, duke of penafiel, grew up w/ duke's daughter, constanca, who was her cousin.after refused several crowned heads in marriage, constance persuaded to marry infante dom pedro, so of alphonso, king of portugal. 1341, the 2 girls left P and the young infante and her cousin went to lisbon, where dom pedro conceived a luckless and furious passion for ines.
morganic marriages unlikely, but in 1345, constanca died in childbirth and pedro, undisturbed with his mistress, ines, til 1354, and married her, but no documents to prove it. the king, furious about this situation, had ines satbbed to death.
for this, pedro starts war. which he wins in 57. has ines dug up and her body crowned queen(maybe true).

CAT- name applied in widest sense to all flines, but mainly smaller ones. origin of domestic cat obscure, but sanskrit from 2000 and more ancient writings and cat mummies. blah blah blah breeds blah blah blahsacred to isis or the moon. witchcraft and black cats.





i so wanted this one.




Wednesday, March 05, 2008





sigh, if only i could find something like this at a sale. i AM part russian. but i have simple painted russian spoons and such. but the colors are so prurty.


not sure if i can take pic of new hoard. west side boonies. early icky icky ranch. grotty and kitchen doggie stinky. shag! BLEGH. horrid steps. good thing i am barefoot. a few kitchen things. don't look good. go to basement. little carved wood heart. rulers! crap crap crap. but very nice organiztion in the 'work bench area' labeled cigar boxes, with handles. a lot of them. lot of pieces of wood. hmm, hey, chunks of different wood with numbers. wood ID thing. but where's the key? i want those wood pieces. go up stairs to do the rest of the house. jeez. not much at all. but managed to get one of those mod merging square/square. painted tho. repaint black! go back downstairs. go back and see if there's a cigar box of razor blades. no...take 2. one has a decoish label for carriage bolts. another one cause it has 2 added wood seprations. and just love the handle the guy made. he did seem to build a few things. did i mention the big box of dead remotes? and how many VCRs were there? 4? 6? go back to the wall wood display. where is the key? on the back? how do i get it off, right behind a entertainment thing. pick at crap on top. go thru box. NUMBER KEY!!! the wood list! that's it. pull off over 20 pieces of wood. all around 3 inch by 9. one falls. OOH, another one on floor. ICKY. eew eew, i don't want to put my hand there! finally can grab the fallen piece. covered with web and schmutz. ICK. one extra thick big one. cram into my african bag. HEAVY. dog lady took her collies to dog show. i am glad i got rid of that sheepshead trophy. trophies are lame.
if i sold my wood library, i could probably make a tidy sum. but mine. gonna sell the trivets. oh, and the pryo box. not sure about that one cigar box. what are carriage bolts? maybe sell the spatula. i already have that kind.
sell the wisconsin dells vintage ruler? maybe.



i don't think i saw much of secret squirrel. i never much cared for hanna barbara. i didn't much care for kid's teevee in the 70's. detested scooby doo. but gimmee warner brother's cartoons.



currently on ebay for $$$.




Tuesday, March 04, 2008


i am EEEEEVIL. i am watching biggest loser while drinking coffee with HALF & HALF and sugar(raw). eating small piece of kringle....hmm, still a lot of coffee. and go get 1 small scoop of amaretto cherry frozen custard.

i will do a bit of exercizing later. pansypoo doesn't diet. no treadmill tho.

45? more @#$ $@#%^&* Bush weeks to go
45? more stupid stupid stupid Bush weeks to go
cinda stupidlezza is of to the mid east to, um, to. WHAT DOES SHE DO?
georgie in texasstan with the danish leader. kissy poo
45? more Bush weeks to go


hey dale, have you read 'making of the prefident, 1797'? i think it's by marvin kitman. great book about george washington. read his earlier one too. 'GW's account book'. history with a twist.

i DO recommend these books to everybody. maybe if everybody was a little tipsy all the time we would be in a better place.
madiera madiera! more madiera!








CASTIGLIONE, Giovanni Benedetto 1616-1670 il grechetto-painter, brother Salvasone and son francesco also painters. i guess they weren't so good.

CASTLE-saxon-castel, latin-castellum, diminutive from castrum, whence the french chateau and chatel, an en companion, a fortress or naturally defended. also the principle mansion of prince or nobleman. blah blah illustrated.

CASTOR &POLLUX- twin gods. dioscuri, from myth. children of jupiter and leda, to others zeus and in homer, kids of leda and tyndareus, king of sparta. much revered by the dorian race. diosairi presided over games. castor god of equestrian exercize. pollux god of boxing. usually portrayed on fiery horses w/spears, egg shaped helmets, crowned w/ stars. patrons of hospitality. most important deed rescuing sister helen from theseus, hunting the calydonian boar and married daughters of leucypus and battle w/ sons of aphareus. castor killed by idas and p finding him dead, pleads to die, but the gods put them in the stars.



Monday, March 03, 2008



as if i don't already have cool cats. and paint them. but but but i WANT IT.





i admit, i actually bid on this baby. paper mache estate sale find? with a base? oh, it called to me. but i was over bid by 5¢. which i am glad about actually. it's too big. and and and i REALLY need a mexican rabbit.






i was wasting time looking at different ethnic stuff on ebay and HEY! that's in my hoard! hey, it's carved wood. panama?
i got the little deco bronze early in my estate sale shopping. sadly it is missing the base, so neither of us know squat about it.



did this one on the benedicte iowa trip, too.

Sunday, March 02, 2008



CASTELLO, Giovanni battista/ il bergamascp -1500-1569 painter. school of genoa. architect. no pics

CASTELLO, Valerio- 1625-1659 painter, son of bernardo Castello. superior painter. nothing said how he died. father died when he was six.


stolen from comments at attaturk's place.


George Washington: threw a silver dollar across the Potomac River.

George W. Bush: threw a trillion dollars across the Tigris. Then another trillion across the Euprates.


George Washington: admitted chopping down the cherry tree because he “could not tell a lie”.

George W. Bush: wouldn’t admit cherry-picking intelligence accusing Iraq of having WMD’s. Accused of lying, Little Georgie admitted to “sixteen words”.


George Washington: “First in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countrymen.”

George W. Bush: “First in the Texas Air National Guard, first to disturb the peace, first to achieve nineteen percent popularity rating in the hearts of his countrymen.”


George Washington: personally led his troops in a boat across the Delaware in midnight attack on mercenary soldiers.

George W. Bush: personally wore a flight suit on a boat for photo-op beneath “Mission Accomplished” banner. Personally sends mercenary soldiers to fight country’s wars.


George Washington: “the president on the dollar”.

George W. Bush: “the president who sank the dollar”.

White Male, Jew of Liberal Fas | 03.01.08 - 10:05 am | #


little nugget from west bend trip yesterday. talking about always going to church, even when traveling. i think she was remembering from a arizona trip. when they got back and were discussing it at the hardware store, her husband at the time said, yes, they went to church, that piss in a pot denomination.
i gotta tell my cousin's episcopalian hubby that.









Jeneesus 11

Teh Towur ov Babel
1 And all uv de Urf was lolcatspeekinkz usin' lolcats werdz. 2 Whial teh menz be movin' eest, they finded vallee in teh land uv Shinar an sitted ther. 3 Dey sed "hai, letz maek teh brix an make 'em harrd wif fire." So dey uzed brix for ston an bitumen (wtf izzat?) for mortar. 4 Den dey sed "hai, letz maek reel tall towerz for us so we be togethr forevr!"
5 So, Ceiling Cat comeded down an saw teh men an ther towerz. 6 Den Ceiling Cat sez "Oh noes, if they all togethr after mah hi spot, they gonna get mah hi spot! 7 I gots'ta confuzzle 'em and stop 'em!" 8 Dat's wai Ceiling Cat pwned 'em an dragd 'em away from ther towerz. Dey stop buldin' after dat. 9 So teh towerz wuz calld Babel cuz Ceiling Cat made teh men babbul ther befor movin' dem.

Babeez frum Shem thru Abraham
10 So liek lissen, dis here'z teh stuffs Shem did. Two yeerz after teh Urfs wuz all fludz n' stuff, Shem was liek a hunnerd yrz old, and he finilly got doen to bizness makin teh babeez. He namez furst babee Arpachshad. 11 Shem went an lived OMG ANOTHER 500 YRZ and madez more babeez.
12 Arpachshad only waeted 35 yrz before he made babeez, and was teh dad ov Shelah. 13 Tehn Arphaxad lived OMG ANOTHER 403 YRZ and madez more babeez.
14 Shelah only waeted 30 yrz before he goed PENIS GOES WHARE?!, and was teh dad ov Eber. 15 Tehn Shelah lived 403 more yrz also and madez more babeez 'cuz he dint want hiz dad to show him up.
16 Eber waeted 34 yrz to has babeez, and was teh dad o teh Peleg. 17 Tehn Eber lived 430 more yrz and madez more babeez jus to show hiz dad and grampz whoz teh boss.
18 Peleg took afta grampa Shelah an maed babeez at 30 yrz old, and was teh dad ov Reu 19 But Peleg only lasted 209 more yrz, tho he maeded more babeez.
20 Reu went an did it at 32, and was teh dad ov Serug. 21 Reu liveded only 207 yrz longer, tho he too maeded more babeez.
22 At 30, Serug maed babeez, and was teh dad ov Nahor. 23 Serug only lasted 200 mor yrz, but still maeded mor babeez.
24 Nahor beet his daddies past and maed babeez at 29, and was teh dad ov Terah. 25 Nahor also only liveded to 119, but he too maeded other babeez.
26 Terah maeded teh babeez Abram, Nahor, and Haran by teh tiem he was 70.

Teh Stry of Terah - Dun Wury, Iz Short
27 So herez what Terah been doed. Liek wuz sed, Terah maeded teh babeez Abram, Nahor, and Haran. Haran maeded teh babee Lot.28 Haran deided before his daddeh Terah, in his hoemtawn Ur ov Chaldeans.29 Abram an Nahor gotz teh ladies; Abram gotz Sarai, an Nahor gotz Milcah. Milcah's daddy was Haran, who also had teh babee Iscah.30 An Sarai was liek "OMG I cant hav babeez! ;("
31 So den Terah tookded Abram, Lot, and Sarai and ran off out ov Ur ov Chaldeans. He ment to hed to Canaan, but dey stopded in Haran. 32 Terah died dere in Haran afta 205 yrz.


Romans 4-

[edit] So, about Abraham
1 So what did Abraham finded out about dis?2 If he had gotted rid of hiz Invisible Errors by sumthin he did, dat wuz sumthin to brag about. Not to Ceiling Cat tho.3 What duz teh Bible say? "Abraham beleevdid Ceiling Cat, an Ceiling Cat gived him credit for it."
4 When u work, u getz paid. Datz not a gift, itz what u iz owed.5 But if sum d00d duzint work but jus trustz Ceiling Cat, he getz credit for beleevin.6 Liek David says:7 "U getz cheezburgr
if Ceiling Cat forgivz u for doin rong,
if ur Invisible Errorz iz taekn caer of.
8 U getz cheezburgr
if Ceiling Cat desiedz to ingor ur Invisible Errorz."
9 Duz uncircmsiezded peeplz get cheezburgr, or just circumsieded peeplz? We sed dat Ceiling Cat gived Abraham credit for beleevin.10 But when did dat happn? Wuz it aftr hiz forskin wuz cuttid off, or bfor? Bfor LOL!11 Havin hiz forskin cuttid off wuz a simbl of hiz faith. Dat meenz he iz teh daddi of evribodi who bleevz an stil haz a forskin.12 An also teh daddi of teh peepl who duzint haz a forskin an bleev what he bleevd whiel he stil had hiz. k?
13 Ceiling Cat tolded Abrahm an hiz kittnz dat dey wud run teh wrld bcz beleevn maeded dem good.14 Bcz if teh popo on ur side jus bcz thay liek ur parintz, den beleevn equalz zeero cookies, so Ceiling Cat's resipe iz jus dum,15 cuz teh lawz iz cookie taek awai. N whre theyre iz no popo, they iz no cookie taek away.
16 K so resipe iz in inbox if u beleev adn all Abrahmz kittenz gets it 4 free, evn if you popo or Abraham kat. Bcz Abraham iz evry1z dad kat.17 It wuz wroted: "I haz maed you dad kat of mani breedz." He iz owr dad kat, adn teh Ceiling Cat iz lookin bcz Abruham beleevd in Ceiling Cat—teh kat thet raizes ded kats frm kat cmetery adn sayz "Thatz a dog!" whne itz rly a kat.
18 So it wuz a logn shot, but Abhram beleevd, adn so he wuz dad kat of mani breedz, jus liek soem1 saed 2 him, "Ur kittenz gonna be leik that."19 Adn he stil beleevd, evne tho hiz boddy culdnt scampr ne more—bcz he wuz 21 yrs old (thatz leik 100 human yrs!)—plus bcz Sarahz kitty-maeker didnt scamper too.20 Y, he ddnt stop beleevn, he jus bleevd moer, adn he siad good thignz abuot teh Ceiling Cat,21 bcz he thouhgt teh Ceiling Cat haz big pawz adn culd do whut he saed.22 Adn thatz y "he got tripll wrd score in hiz inbox."23 Teh wrds "in hiz inbox" was wroted not jus fr him,24 dey wuz rittn for us too. Ceiling Cat wil giv us credit for bleevin in him. He maeded Jesus com bak from teh dead.25 Jesus dieded for our Invisible Errorz an comd bak to lief to maek thingz bettr.


Mark 4 vursus 23-41

Jesus has moar storee tymes
23 An Jesus was like "O hay guise, I sed for u to lisen"
24 An Jesus sed "O hai, I hop u were lisenin cuz ur gonna hav a pop kwiz on this l8r this week, srsly.
25 An if u get a gud grayd, u will git cheezburgz an if u git bad grayds u will git all ur cheezburgz pwned, srsly."
26 An Jesus sed "So if u wan to b frends wit me an Ceiling Cat, itz jus lyke bein a planterz and plantin seedz;
27 An sleepin even wehn thares no sun pach to sleez in an gettin up at all tymes of teh dai and seein ur seedz groe and groe even if u don no how they groe.
28 An u see teh frootz on teh plantz lyke a leaf an sum cormz, like earz of cormz, even tho itz not frootz it groez lyke frootz but neway u no wat I mean."
29 "Neway wehn they gotz teh frootz or corms or whatevr, they alwayz jus put it in a box at teh harvist tyme!"
30 An Jesus sed "Letz plai a game, lolz. Pretendz Ceiling House is lyke a seed, wat shud it be?"
31 An evry1 was lyke "omg, letz make it lyke a wat0rmelonz" or "letz hav it be catnipz, rotflolz." But Jesus sed "Ok, gaime ovr, its a musterd seed." an teh guise were lyke "wtf Jesus, musterds are too smal" and Jesus sed "I no, thats on purpis Im Jesus remembur, u jus lisen to mai w0rdz."
32 Jesus sed "Wehn musterd seedz groez itz like pwnz0rz!!! Musterd seeds gigant0rz an make big treez an branchiz an all those berdz can be flyin in an undor teh treez an chillin in teh shaydez an stuffz."
33 An Jesus jus kept tellin teh guise hiz w0rdz an ovr an ovr jus wit difrent storeez an teh guise herd teh storeez.
34 But Jesus he nevr sed teh w0rdz of hizelf an Ceiling Cat unles it was lyke a storeez cuz teh guise were always lyke "Is it can be plz storeez tyme now plzkthx?" An he alwayz xplaynd teh storeez to teh disyplez l8r so they wud no all teh thingz.
[edit] Jesus pwns teh windz an oshunz
35 An so when storeeztyme was dun, Jesus was all lyke "Hay guise, letz blow tis popsickle standz, srsly."
36 An so they were all lyke "Storeez tyme, itz ovr, u guise can go hom now plz kthxbai." An Jesus an teh disyplez got on teh getaway boat an went to teh oshun an there was lots of other boats there too.
37 An whooooooosh, ther was lots of st0rmz and windz an there wuz waterz in teh boats an evry1 sed "O noes! Kittehs h8 teh waterz! Halp!"
38 An Jesus, he was jus sleepz on a pilowe, dreemin of corms an wat0rmel0nz an teh guise went an waked him up an sed "Jesus, srsly, we r gonna be ded soon an u don even care?"
39 An Jesus got up an was like "O hay wind u stop pwning mai boat an oshun u stop pwning mai boat too." An wudnt u no, teh wind an oshun stopd pwning.
40 An Jesus sed "R u srsly skaredy kittehs? I thot u had fayth in me."
41 An of corse all teh guise were skaredy kittehs an they were lyke "Ok, srsly, wtf is Jesus even sayin cuz who can make all teh windz and oshuns obay him an not b skary doin it?"

go in pees, servz teh cieling cat, tnx b too cieling cat.

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