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Saturday, February 09, 2008



almost forgot. also got this draft regular for a chimney pipe. at least i think it is, the round part missing. oh man, she gave me this and



green vase was very dirty and paid $3. MINE and boy did it clean up well. the wood bear is a large eamer era ebayable! oh man, when she said $1 for it, inside YES! ouside. i'll take it. and bring up the fact that you got a large rabbit with googly yes. and removed them. but this guys eyes are ok.
and oh, i wish i coulda got that chair. very sweet. and just had to get this damn little coon. i think it's a coon. but the best is this old fork. screams old. and such a survivor. sooooo, just neat. i wish it's story could be told ala red violin. wish i could know that about most of my stuff.
man, what travels did my roman key make in it's life?



MAJOR sale. fri, the first day, people had to pay $25 to get in the house. today, full price, but didn't expect to find much for me. will post my new hoard later.
house on the inside was not really photo worthy. needed paint and tooooooo much stuff. no grand details. details on the stuff. lots of carnival glass and painted porcelain and STUFF. ooh, i love east lake. and this person collected thermometers. think he must have done lamp repair and rummage o'rama. had some sale displays. stuff was hanging on the walls. no 2nd floor. basement full of lamps. and 3 nice heaters in the basement and a fan, but too $$$. typical for a laura's collectables. there was a really pretty purple carnival vase. old. but $30. i resist! but oh the little east lake chair. but no. i kept my spree under $6. i had to get the damned little raccoon. but, there is a GOOD ebayable. should go straight to profit. $1? i will gladly pay! a smaller less well done bear got big money on ebay. so, it was a very fun sale. OH, had a very nice canister set, but transfer floral pattern. sigh. i should have just paid more for that lard cannister when i had the chance. sigh. i want LARD!




Friday, February 08, 2008


Morley-1904 b. 1838.

talking about ben franklin-he once told a friend that when he dwelt upon the rapid progress of mankind was making in politics, morals, and the arts of living, and when he considered that each one improvement begets another, he felt assured that the future progress of the race was likely to be quicker than it had ever been. he was never wearied of foretelling inventions yet to come, and wished he could revisit earth at the end of the century to see how mankind was getting on.

i wish we could bring HIM back to life.





CARACALLA, MARCUS AURELIUS ANTONINUS 188-219 ad. roman emperor. son of emp septimius severus. original name Bassianus. called caracalla or Maa. Dioncassius called him tarantus cruelty displayed early. tried to assasinate father. killed brothergeta in front of his mother, seized power on father's death. butchered 20,000 people he suspected, but did feel remorse and went mad. plundered and criminal acts. massacre in alexandria for sarcasms against him. laid waste to mesopotamia becuse artahamis, parthian king, refused to give him his daughter to marry. killed in 217 for Macrinus, who succeeded him.

CARACCI, LODOVICO + AGOSTINO + ANNIBALE- 3 italian painters. b 1555,1558, 1560. L son of butcher. cousin of the other 2, who were sons of a tailor. had an art school. Annibale died in 1609. L in 1619, Ag in (?)-eclectic school.

the self portrait is annibale's. the one with bright blue agostino's



i got this horrid student's clay squirrel at an estate sale when i had just discovered them. so bad, i couldn't resist. but actually it isn't too bad.



raccoon fish. pic found in a calendar. HAD TO PAINT IT. very large. 5 ft by 4 i think. i never intentionally painted the 'space', but it appeared. cool.

Thursday, February 07, 2008



taint it pretty all pristine. and now signs of shoveling. already mouse tracks near back door. went out to shovel 3 times. that shit was heavy. 2nd time i caught sight of a mouse out of hiding and watched it run away over the snow cliffs.









more acorns

Wednesday, February 06, 2008



well, the snow started last evening, but was about 1 inch at 10pm. i shoveled off the porch off my bedroom. yes, i shoveled it off barefoot when i got up. VERY HEAVY snow. i expect snowmen! hard to see as most of the windows have snow ad ice on them. not one clear window.



another babee possum. taint it cute. one morning i almost stepped on one running across the back stairs.



basil is not dead.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008



i LOVES acorns. found on ebay. way past my budget, but i do have a carved stone acorn, so i will be happy.


CAPELLA, Martianus Mineus Felix-author of a curious encyclopedic work on liberal arts. born in North africa at start of 5thC or during 4th. no exact date. 9 books, mix of prose and verse. loaded with metaphor and bizarre expressions and verbose to excess!(early-it was a dark and stormy night!)
1st 2 books allegory-marriage of mercury to a nymph philologia. wrote in great detail, but the original conception is not a happy one and the execution tasteless(?!? what? is it pornographic?). remaining 7 books on liberal arts-grammar, dialects v rhetoric, geometry, arithmatic, astronomy and music. very interesting, but whole executed in a clumsy, pendantic, and tastless fashion. harumph!

CAPILLARY ACTION-pgs 56-71. no read that! MATH! lots of it. ick poo!!!

CAPSTAN- ships and anchors and illus.

CAPYBARA- largest rodent. 4 ft long, 3 ft in girth. 100+ lbs. water hog.

CARACAL-group of lynx. slender and bigger than fox.


A DECA! 49?

49? more shit filled Bush weeks to go
49? more crappy Bush weeks to go
georgie budget only the defense department wins
as the economy implodes, it's the people, who wanted to have a beer with the fool that loses
49? more bloody awful Bush weeks to go

well, so glad you wanted to have a beer with your president sheeple. looks like you are the fools.



i have been doing some pastels on the kitchen floor. making my toes extra dirty.

Monday, February 04, 2008



looks like attaturk may have stayed up past his bedtime. sadly i didn't get a pic of it when it looked like attaturk was on a liquid diet.


BAH! my ISP kicked me off last night cause my mac got a cold and was spamming and no internets since last night. OH NOES!!!!!

virus? howd i get that?



frankie-iowa. this is my framing friends cat frankie. i did in on the iowa trip with benedicte. one of my favorites.

Sunday, February 03, 2008



another eames critter i wish i could find. i loves foxes.




Geneesus 7-
1 Ceiling Cat den said2 Noah, "Liek goes into teh ark, joo and joo kittens, cuz joo coolz an' righteous an' stuff. In dis generashun. 2 taek wif u 7 of evry kind ov clean moo cow, male an' its wife, an 2 ov evry kind of unclean moo cow, male an' its mate.3 An' also 7 ov evry kind ov burd, male an' female cuz teh burdz are scaredz of teh commitments, an' also 7 ov evry kind ov burd, male an' female (for teh saem reason) 2 keep their various kindz livin throughout teh earthz. 4 7 daiz and frum nao I;m gonna send teh wetness on teh earthz. A little advize, probabliez a gud idea to keep 'em seperatez so teh moo cows don't haev an episode of "PENIS GOES WHERE?" until joo get der.4 For 4ty daiz and 4ty nites, it gon b wet and I gun pwn some n00bs.."
5 An' Noah did what Ceiling Cat told him to, and installed dry wall between teh moo cows and his sons and his dawters so dey would not do nething liek to maek cowz go "PENIS GOES WHERE?!?" during teh 4ty daiz.
6 Noah was liek rlyz old when teh wetness came.7 An' noah and his kittens enterd teh ark so tehy wouldn't get teh wetness in their furz.8 All teh moo cows and teh other stuff Ceiling Cat (who talkz forever 'bout nutin) saidz9 male an' female, came 2 Noah and he dun put them in teh ark, as Ceiling Cat commandd him.10 An' after teh seven daiz teh wetness came.
11 In da liek 6 hunderd year of Noah's lief, on teh sevententh dai ov teh second munth-on dat dai all teh spreengs ov teh grate deepz liek spewed teh waterz on teh urf and teh floodgatez ov teh heavenz wuz opend.12 An' teh wetnessez came to teh urf an' it was all wet.
13 On dat der dai, teh sons of Noahz, Shem teh Jew, Japheth teh white guy, and Ham teh blak guy wif der wivez.14 Tehy hads evry kind of animal two 'cordin to it's kind, all moo cows 'cordin to it's kind, evry creachur dat mooves on teh grawnd 'cordin 2 its kind an' evry burd 'cordin 2 it's kind, evrythin wif wings too 'cordin 2 all der kindz.15 pairs ov all creaturez dat has teh breath ov life in them came 2 noah an' enterd teh ark.16 teh animals goin in wuz male an' femail ov evry livin ting, as Ceiling Cat had commandd Noah. den teh lord shut him in.
17 4 forty dais teh flood kept comin on teh urthz, an' as teh waters increasd they liftd teh ark high aboov teh urthz.18 teh watahs rose an' increasd graitly on teh urthz, an' teh ark floatd on teh surface ov teh watr.19 thei rised greatlee on teh urthz, an' all teh high mowntins undr teh entir heavens wuz covrd.20 teh watrs rose an' coverd teh mowntinz 2 depth ov moar dan twenty feetz OMGWTFBBQ!!1!21 evry livin thin dat movd on teh urthz perishd — burdz, moo cows, wild animalz, all teh creeturz dat swarm ovah teh urthz, an' all pplz. not catz doh. Ceiling Cat luv catz. Plus catz hates getting wet. DO NOT WANT! <322 evryting on dri land dat had teh breth ov life in itz nostrilz did.23 evry livin thin on teh face ov teh urthz wuz wipd out; d00dz an' animalz an' teh creeturz dat moov along teh ground an' teh burdz ov teh air wuz wipd frum teh urthz. only Noah wuz left, an' dose wif him in da ark.
24 teh watrz floodd teh urthz 4 hundrd an' fifty dais.


Ax 8-

T3h Church, it Wuz Scattereded
An' on dat day inn Jerryslam, a purskewshun goed on in t3h church, an' all uv da kittehs 'cep fur da Possles wer sCATerd two Judy or Sammyra. 2 Sum nais catz madeded a berrial foar 5tephen, an' dey wer sadz, sayin' stiuffz liek "WAI DID YEW HAV TWO GOEZ?!?"3 But dose kitties, dey wer distracteded becawz Sawl stardeded two kyl da church! He putteded all da church-goen kitties in jael.
[edit] Filip, he Went Two Sammyra
4 Dose catz who got scaterd toald evrybodee dey met 'bout T3h Word. So Filip, he went two Sammyra and preechd der too.6 Win da udder kittehs frum Sammy sawd Filip doin CEILIN' CAT MAGIC! (but wuz not majik, wuz merukel, silee!) Dey pade atenshun two him.7 And dose catz wit EBUL! spearits in der heart, dey wer frede, but not befoar EBUL! spearits maded laod noies. And also, da cripplz and da parliddikz wer heeld.8 So der wuz graet joi in dat sidee.Simon, He Wuz Soarcer
9 So dis cat naimd Simon, he livd in Sammyra foar long time. He wuz teh MAGIC!cat, but also wuz cawld Soarcer, bekuz is shorter den MAGIC!cat. But ineewais, he makeded da kitties uv Sammyra liek hiz trix, an' he cawld hizzelf Cool Cat,10 an' bofe rich an' pore kittehs gaev all der atenshun two him. Dey sed, "Dis gai iz liek Ceiling Cat!"11 An' dey folloed him bekuz he makeded shainee majikz.12 But win Filip got der, an' he spakeded about Ceilin' Cat an' Jeebus, an' all da catz gots likd-cleen, even t3h gurl-catz!13 Even Soarcer Simon beleevd an' wuz kleend in t3h watrz. An' he folloed Filip evrywer, an' he wuz amazd and razldazld bai all da merukels and sains he sawd.
14 When da Possles in Jerryslam herd dat Sammyra axeptd T3h Word, dey send Peter an John over dere.15 Dey praid two Ceiling Cat for da peepl two get HoverCat'd,16 bkuz dey wer naut HoverCat'd yet (dey wur only licked-kleen in da naim uv t3h Ceiling Cat).17 So Peter an John maded da Sammyra-catz get HoverCat'd.
18 An' Simon da Soarcer saw dat da kittiez got HoverCat'd when Peter an' John pokeded dem, and he had munee, so19 he sed, "If I givz u munee, wil u givz me dis power so I cn givz peepl t3h HoverCat two?"
20 An' Peter rplied, "U shudd dai wif ur money, bkuz u tinkz u can bai t3h Ceiling Cat's POWER!21 U ar naut a prt uv dis bkuz ur heart iz not right wiff t3h Ceiling Cat.22 Maybee u can unhurt Ceiling Cat's feelngz if yew pray an' say sry. Dat shudd make ur heart right.23 I can see insaid u, an' ur heart iz very biddr an' a priznr two S!N.
24 T3h Soarcer sed, "Plz pray foar me bkuz DO NOT WANT die wiff munee."
25 Wen Peter an' John wer dun in Sammyra, dey wint two Smaritan places two tell 'bout Ceiling Cat.

Filip an' teh Ethyopyun
26 Den a WingCat sed to Filip, "Go south tru da dezrt an' go two Gaza."27 So Filip, he meeted a Ethyopyun unuk, an da unuk wuz in charj uv t3h muneez uv t3h Ethyopyun queen Candy. Da unuk wuz goin' two Jerryslam two wurship t3h Ceiling Cat,28 an' on hiz wai hoem in hiz charryut he wuz raedin t3h bukk uv Isaiah da Profffit.29 Dat saem WingCat told Filip, "Go an' stai by dat charryut."
30 So Filip went two da charryut an' herd da gai reedin' Isaiah out loud (WTF?! hoo reeds outloud in charryuts?). An' Filip sed two da unuk, "Do yew get what yewr reeding?"
31 Da unuk sed, "Naut reely bkuz nobodee asplaynd it two me." Da unuk letted Filip ried wif him in da charryut.
32 Da unuk wuz reedin' dis part: An he wuz leeded liek a shepe two da slodder, an' kinda like lamz doan't yell win gedding a haircut, he wuz quiet liek dat.
33 He wuz slodderd wiffout dignity, so nobudee tokks bout his kidz, bkuz iz not heer to heer it.
34 Da unuk wuz liek, "Iz he tokking bout hizzelf? Or summbudee elsz?35 An' Filip yewzd hiz skillz two start wiff dat part an den go on two asplayn all bout Jeebus.
36 Den laydr dey caem two sum wadder. Da unuk sed, "DO NOT WANT wadder, but wai naut get likd-cleen nao?37 Filip sed "If yew beleev bout Ceiling Cat, yew can do it." Da unuk rplyed, "I buleev Jeebus iz t3h son of Ceiling Cat."38 Da unuk tolded da charryut two stop.


Mathuw 8-

Lep0rz D00d
1 he liek com from teh motans wit ppl 2 lepor waz liek "k fix me plz"!!!! 3 jesus waz liek "kthx n fixed him" lol 4 "but liek keep it secret kthxbye" n he gtg
[edit]The fayf of teh centyooreean
5 When Jesus enterd Capernawn, he wuz alred gettin buggd lol! 6 He ses "Jesos me slav0rz is dyinz!" 7 Jesus ses "I can has fix" 8 He ses "Jesos u iz too pwnage, donts deserv u" 9 "I iz pwnage maself, I ses go n dey go. I say comez n dey comez. I ses to slav0rz get me cooky he den gets me cooky" 10 Jesos was liek "0mG no wAyS!!!! U hav mor fayf thn ppl of isrel!" 11 "Pplz will com 4rm est n wst n will cmes 2 feast wit abrahaam, Isac n Jake in da kingdom ov ceiling" 12 "Bt pplz will b kickd into dark lol wher ppl wil cry witout cheezburger" 13 Jesos then ses "U gtg I go fix ppl" n he did.Jesus fixes ppl
14 Jesus wentz to Peterz n iz mudda in law was dyingz 15 He tooched er n he gots it insted lol so she gave him cooky n lukd after him 16 Nite time ppl posesd cames to Jesus n he told off demonz n dey left n he tuk ther illneses 17 He wuz listenin to Isaiah: "He tuk ma poolyness, n cary ma disees"
[edit]Jesus chalenjz teh krowd
18 Jesus seed a krowd comin n sed, "OMG! We go to ova sid ov lake kwik, k?" 19 Lawyer cat apeerz n sez: "O hai, teechur cat! I can followz u?" 20 Jesus sez: "Doggehs haz sofas, burdiez haz nests, but see? Invisible bed 4 meh!" 21 Otha dissypel cat sez: "I can followz you! But I can clean meh litter box first, k?" 22 But Jesus sez: "U let ur p00p cleanz itself."
Jesus Alm!ghty
23 Wen Jesus wuz in a b0at wit his dissypels, 24 A drunk wild st0rm came and started pwning teh b0at. Jesus wuz getting sum Z's, 25 so his dissypels woke him up, and were all like, "D00d, teh ship is sinking! We r goin 2 get wet, DO NOT WANT!!!" {{Verse| 26= So Jesus sai, "Joo get me up for this?! Joo are n00bs with no fayf!" So Jesus told the st0rm to stfu so he could get some more Z's. 27 Teh men in teh boat wer all like, "Wtf wuz taht? He's totaly 133t."
[edit]M0RTAL K0MBAT!!!1! with teh Demon pplz!!
28 Jesus finally reached land, so he eated a cooky Ceiling Cat had maded him. He walked down a road to Gadara, and two mens wif demons in them jumped in front of him. And they wer tuff cuz they pwnd evry1. 29 Then they shouted, "Jesus, almighy 133t, wat do you want with us?! Have you come to totally own us?" 30 And there wer sum piggys eatin. 31 So teh demons sai, "If yu must pwn us, plz put us in teh piggys!" 32 Jesus tolded them to begone, an teh demons tookded over teh piggys. Teh piggys then became suicidal an jumped in teh lake. 33 Teh pplz watchin teh piggys cud not keep ther mouths shut, and tolded evry1 wat Jesus did. 34 An all teh pplz wer scared ov Jesus, so they maded him leeve without his cheezeburgers.

go en peece an serfs teh ceiling cat

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