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Saturday, January 26, 2008


CAMPHUYSEN, Dirk Rafaelsz 1586-1627 dutch painter, poet, and theologian. no pics.

CAMPI, Bernadino 1525-1592-musician

CAMPI, Giulio 1502-1572-red tight guy.

CAMUS, Charles Etienne Louis 1699-1768. french mathmatician and mechanician. age of 12, was teaching at college de Navarre in Paris. devoted to math, civil and military architecture and astronomy. in 1736, joined Manpertuis and clauvaut on lapland expedition to measure the degree of meridian.



one of the things i hate doing sometimes, is giving stuff titles. maybe i should just call this 'untitled green'. but anybody got any suggestion?
it was october. i suppose 'october green' would work. wouldn't matter, but i decided to donate to our PBS station. it's another big thing i don't need to hoard. i am running out of space for 40x40.



back to the HUGE amsterdam airport. barefoot. my feet have NEVER been that black! so much dirt! HUGE 2 floor plane. my seat right by the engine. no gremlin. landed in new york about 7 or so. uncle was so sure i would crash with jet lag and i wasn't tired at all. and no, didn't nap on plane at all. was a nice set up front. quite nice. and an empty one next to me. nice sunset again.



need some skwerl. and cow bell.




Friday, January 25, 2008



the last one.
BERLIN, Germany (AP) -- A German believed to have been the country's last World War I veteran passed away this month.

An undated portrait of Erich Kaestner, who died January 1, 2008 in Cologne at the age of 107.

Erich Kaestner died January 1 in a nursing home in Cologne at the age of 107, his son told The Associated Press.

When France's second-last surviving veteran from World War I, Louis de Cazenave, died January 20, the news made international headlines.

But in Germany -- which lost both world wars and has had to cope with the shame of the Nazi genocide for more than six decades -- there is not even an organization keeping track of the remaining veterans.

"That is the way history has developed," Kaestner's son, Peter Kaestner, said in a telephone interview. "In Germany, in this respect, these things are kept quiet -- they're not a big deal."

The news did not even trickle out into the German press until this week, and the stories were more about how Germans remember than about Kaestner's death itself.

"The losers hide themselves in a state of self-pity and self-denial that they happily try to mitigate by forgetting," the daily Die Welt wrote Friday in its obituary for Kaestner.

Der Spiegel magazine noted that "the German public was within a hair's breadth of never learning of the end of an era" until someone who had read Kaestner's death notice in a newspaper figured out who he was and updated a Wikipedia entry on the Internet.

Kaestner was born in 1900, and had just graduated from high school in 1918 when he entered the army, his son said.

Following training, he was sent to the Western Front to fight in France, but was never sent to the front lines, he said.

For Kaestner, his service during the war, in which more than 2 million German soldiers were killed, was only a small part of his long life, his son said.

"He was just a soldier for a quarter to a half a year," Peter Kaestner said.

Kaestner rejoined the military in 1939 with the outbreak of the Second World War, serving as a first lieutenant in ground support for the Luftwaffe, primarily in France.

Following the end of the war in 1945, Kaestner became a judge in Hanover.

For his work as a jurist, he received Lower Saxony's Merit Cross, 1st Class. He was also honored by Germany's president for his 75-year marriage to wife, Maria, shortly before her death in 2003 at age 102.

Though Die Welt, Der Spiegel and the local Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung all said Kaestner was the last German veteran of World War I, it was not possible to confirm that status directly.

The Defense Ministry said the German military, the Bundeswehr, "has no information available concerning World War I veterans." The Federal Military Archive and the German War Graves Commission both said they had no records on possible other surviving soldiers from the war.

Peter Kaestner said he had known his father was believed to be the last German veteran of the war, but that his family didn't really think much about it -- and were only aware of it from the letters his father had been receiving in recent years from people in the U.S. asking for autographs.

"He did not answer," Peter Kaestner said. "He didn't want to."

And so, in his nursing home, Erich Kaestner faded away.

"With the death of Erich Kaestner no more Germans can talk about firsthand experiences" in the war, Der Spiegel wrote.

"We have lost a chance -- for ever."



a few days ago when it was so cold, i shoveled the powdery snow again and put out some sunflower seeds. and moldy bread. i am getting low on bird seed.

MOUSE tracks. and holes they made when the came out of their railroad tie burrows. there is path in the back 40 that just makes a big loop. and rabbit tracks. ooh, no seeds, more mouse tracks and i took out some bread crumbs. one mouse at the base made a beeline for the mini rose bush. another one was slower about moving his grey ass, and another sat there digging thru the seed shells. i asked him if that was wise and he finally decided to take life over food.

i say more bird food as it will keep the meeces outside. aina?
maybe i can throw out some peanut butter.


CAMBODIA/CAMBOJA/KAMBOJA-ancient kingdom of SE asia. the name of their race iskhmer, related to thais-like siam and aos. written history back to 1346 ad.
archaeology-buried in a forest is the ancient capital called angkor or nakhon thom-the great city. 5 miles south, great temple-nakhon wat.

CAMP, roman-1 page w/illust. army camp set-up.

CAMPAN,Jeanne, Louis, Henriette- b 1752-1822 nee' GENEST. born in Paris. educated and brought up in cultivated society. by 15 gained a reputation for her accomplishments. to be appointed reader to the princesses. at court, a favorite and when accpted M Campan, so of the secretary of the royal cabinet, the king gave her an annuity of 5000 livres as dowry. soon appointed 1st lady of the bed chamber by marie antoinette, and continued to be faithful to the princesses til forced away at the sacking of the tuileries 6/20/1792. after this event, Mme Campan, almost penniless and her husband's illness, supported them by starting a school at saint-germain. prospered and patronized by Mme Beauharnais, who led to the appointment of C as the superintendent of the acadamy founded by napoleon at ecouen for the daughters and sisters of the legion of honor. post she held til it was abolished on the restoration of the bourbons and she retired to mantes. left memoirs.

CAMPANILE- the bell tower attached to churches and town halls in italy. bells 1st used for announcing the sacred offices by the Pope Sabinian 604. immediate predecessor to St. Gregory. blah blah blah.



last evening in denmark. had a little evening cookout with benedicte, george, and a friend benedicte met on the way to the picnic spot.this was late in april mind you.
this is an old church in a part of ebeltoft. right by the friends house, where we went after the cookout. so, got inside one of the old houses. all the chimneys are crooked. forgot why. prefer it too a large mcmansion.



pissed cosmo 3.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


just found on ebay. I WANT IT! already out of my price range.


CALVIN, John pgs 714-720+ 1509-1564 b in noyou in picardy. father a notary-aposolic. 4 sons. john 2nd. 2 daughters. blah blah blah blah paris blah blah father dies blah blah blah paris, basel, geneva blah blah blah reformation blah blah blah blah blah.

CALYPSO-greek mythology-daughter of oceanus and tethys or nereus and atlas and reigned in Ogygia. when ulysses was shipwrecked there, calypso entertained him and by the influence of her love and spells convinced him to stay for 7 years, when Ulysses, seized by the desire to go home, C tried everything to make him stay and even promise of eternal youth, but he sailed and she died on his leaving her.



the same glass maker from ebeltoft. changed his stuff a little and added some nice new stuff. this time determined to BUY. i got one small little piece for my aunt. and a vase for myself. something he had 1st done. he had such nice stuff it was hard to decide which to take, but my vase was immediate. he gave me a little deal, so i said his sone could have any of my prints he wanted. i hear the kid took an aztecie.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008



acorns are very popular.




Callisto-greek myth. acadian nymph, ransformed into bear for bearing zeus a son, arcus, from whom the arcadians or bear-people derived their name. arcus, while hunting encountered C and would have killed her, but zeus, with a wind carried them into the sky. big bear and little bear.

CALLOT, Jacque 1593-1634. french engraver. ran away at 12. poor, but hoping to study art. joined bohemians. taken back at 14. ran away again at 16 and much travels, became master.

CALVART, Denis-1555-1619. flemish painter. landscapes, then went to bologna to study anatomy and his work became more italian.



as i said, or did i? i was sharing the art hut with a cage of 3 'female' geribils and a pair of desert rats. the rats had a litter, but they ate them yound and the children who came in probably disturbed them. the female gerbils as well had an immaculate conception and 3 babies survived. dorthe said the females were quite prolific and sehe was able to sell them back to the pet store. so adorable. if only i had a didgital camera then.



sick of spellingit out. seeing i caught pansy doing a bath ala anna nicole smith, enjoy her show.
such a tart.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


it's really sad the only national exposure for dead soldiers now are fictional.

fuck bush and the people who brung him.

51? ^@#$ Bush weeks to go
51? ^%$@# Bush weeks to go
the worlds stock markets tumble
georgie thinks economy fine, he will try and stumble
51? ^%$#@ Bush weeks to go



tho, it is a black week, i am not that sad. it's cold. my toes are BLUE. bored with green. next year gotta do green and gold again.


floyd was alone in a churchyards cemetary among new graves of warriors after some travel towards the front when a soldier joined him.

"stick around if you want to hear something good". he said. "that is if that last shell didn't bust the organ. there's a french poilu who has come up here every afternoon at 5 o'clock for the last 3 days and he plays the sweetest music on the organ. it certainly is great. reminds me of when i was an alter boy, back in st. paul."
we waited and soon there came from the rickety old organ loft the soothing tones of an organ. the ancient pipes, sweetened by the benedictions of ages, poured forth melody to the touch of one whose playing was simple, but of the soul. we sat silently among the graves as rays of the dying sun brought to life new colouring in the leaded windows of stained glass behind which a soldier of france swayed at the ivory keyboard and with heavenly harmony ignored those things of death and destruction that might arrive through the air any minute.

then he talks of allied soldiers from muslim areas. and how the wires above ground and had used a crucifix and jesus's bent leg to hook and insulate the wires. 'the crucifixion had become the electrocution'.



CALLCOTT, Sir Augustus Wall 1779-1844 english landscape painter.

CALLCOTT, John Wall 1766-1821 brother of augustus, music

CALLCOTT, Mrs Maria Graham 1786-1844. wife of Augustus C. w/ 1st husband, traveled India, South Africa, and south america(military captain). published books on her travels.

CALLIMACHUS- architect and statuary. inventor of the corinthian column.(really?!?). derived the idea from observing acanthus plant surrounding a tile covered basket in a tomb. era uncertain, but before 396 bc. used excessive elaboration, which rendered his style 'artificial'. -whatever.

CALLIOPE-muse of epic poetry. name from sweetness of her voice and last of 9 sisters. represented holding a tablet and style(pen) or a roll of paper.



when i was there in 98, the left side was an antique shop. apparently the restaurant next door had a fire. the repair is using the same building technique as the timber frame of centuries ago. i didn't go to any antique shops this time. very little shopping other than yarn and bakery. dorthe's parents junk shop was the best. my kind of brousing. estate sales have altered my whole views.

Monday, January 21, 2008



squirrel related.





morning edition had a guy on who REALLY likes snowflakes. starting to pile up outside. here we don't like it so much.



CALIGULA, Caius Caesar, third of the roman emperors, son of germanicus and agrippina. b 12ad. brought up in his father's camp, among soldiers and got the nickname caligula-foot soldier's shoes, which he wore. in 32, summoned by Tiberius, who was in Capreae, and did all he could to ingratiate himself with the tyrant. around 35, married Julia Claudia, who died the following year. desired to rule, leagued with macro, commander of pretorian guards, whose wife he seduced. Tiberius killed and senate annointed caligula, although tiberius, tiberius's grandson designated to co-heir. assasination NOT MENTIONED! 1 paragraph!!!

CALIPH/KALIF-sovereign dignitary of mahometans. absolute authority in arabic signifies successor or vicar, the caliphs like popes.

CALIXTUS-3 different popes.

1-220-226 AD. little known. during reign of Heliogabalus and severus.

2- Guido of vienne. 1119 after death of Gelasius II in 1122, concluded w/ emp Henry the treaty of mentz, thru which mutual rights of church and empire were settled. d 1124.

3-alphonso de borgia! 1455. very old. feeble and incompitant. tried to stir up crusade against turks. d 1458.



more doors. and ok. george washington? where am i?



frankie face. my framing friends cat. pretty tortie. when she was younger, her eyes were orange. they turned green.

Sunday, January 20, 2008



did we win? i stopped watching before overtime.


t-minus 1 commercial after donald drivers touchdown return. oh man. i have never had a physical reaction like that gave me. actual fucking shivers it was so awesome.
still tingly! imagine how they feel in green bay.




PARIS (Reuters) - France's oldest man, a First World War veteran who refused a medal and spoke powerfully about the horrors of war, has died at 110, leaving just one veteran alive from the conflict.

Louis de Cazenave died at his home in the Auvergne region in central France on Sunday, the government said.

President Nicolas Sarkozy called his death a reminder of the 1.4 million French who had lost their lives in the 1914-18 war.

Cazenave survived both the Battle of the Somme in 1916 and the Second Battle of the Aisne a year later, two of the bloodiest episodes of the "war to end all wars".

Born in October 1897, de Cazenave became an infantryman in 1916 and retired in 1941. He refused a military decoration but was eventually awarded the civilian Legion of Honour in 1999.

"Some of my comrades weren't even given a wooden cross," he told Le Monde newspaper in 2005.

Recalling events etched into his mind 88 years earlier, he gave a grim account of the offensive on German positions along the river Aisne which caused about 350,000 French and German deaths and led afterwards to a partial French mutiny.

"You should have heard the wounded between the lines. They called out to their mothers, begged us to go finish them off," he told Le Monde.

"We found the Germans when we went to get water at the well. We spoke to them. They were just like us; they had had enough."

He described patriotism as "a way of making people swallow anything" and war as absurd and useless. "Nothing can justify it, nothing," he said.

The last surviving "beardy," the nickname given in France to First World War veterans because of conditions in the trenches, is now Lazare Ponticelli, 110.

He has refused an offer of a state funeral, saying it would show disrespect to war victims who never got the same honour.

(Reporting by Thierry Leveque and Tim Hepher, Editing by Matthew Jones)


CALICO PRINTING- blah blah blah, but illustration of a cylinder printing machine-6 colors and looks a lot like an inkjet printer! 8+ pages.

CALIFORNIA-name from a spanish romance novel( las serges de esplandian) in which author wrote of "the great island of california, where a great abundance of gold and prescious stones is found". pub in 1510 and very popular: at 1st just for coast(baja?) and then all. the peninsula 'lower' california.
1st 'discovery' made in 1534, by expedition sent out by cortez and consisting of 2 ships, commanded by Mendoza and Grijalva. baja 1st. then the gulf. navigated and explored by cortez and for awhile gulf called Mar de Cortez, then El Mar Vermejo. 1540 mouth of colorado river 'discovered' by alarcon, commander of fleet sent by cabrilla as far north as Cape mendocino 40º 30'. 1578, sir francin drake entered the pacific and reached N as far as 48º. dispute if he 'found' or not San Francisco harbour. 1602 bays of san diego and monteray 'discovered' by Visgaino, but 150 year before again visited and settlements begun. 1697 baja or lower CA mission by jesuits til 1667, when expelled by Charles III of spain and property given to franciscans and they left to upper CA, til Mexico became independent in 1822. this was a death blow to the franciscans which lost ground yr after yr and done in 1840. did little to improve the natives(typical). 21 missions. 1st in 1769. last in 1820. all near san francisco. number of natives rapidly declined. 100,000 in 1823. in 1863 only 29,000.
trade between east and west more than w/ mexico. boston had a monopoly. most groceries and cotton. english and americans trickled in from 1810-1830. an early settler-john a sutter. gold discoverer.
1842. commodore Jones; captured fort monteray. raised american flag and took possession of the country for the US. next day took flag down and apologized for the mistake, but US now looking at CA. the complete story of how CA was seized in unknown, but DC considering war on mexico and desiring the US to reach the pacific. so after the war, CA went to US. freemont doing science expedition on the pacific coast in may 1846 received verbal instructions, freemont turned back, went to sutter's fort and then sonoma, where assembled a militia and on july5, declared independence from mex. US invades CA. blah blah blah lots of military squabble. freemont court martialed and guilty of mutiny, but close to elected president of CA. settled in 1847 and 1848 treaty ratified by US and mex. GOLD RUSH! admitted to US 1850-anti-slave state, but not baja CA. blah blah blah
the chinese element is a peculiar and interesting feature. by the last census, 49,310 chinese in the state. great #s in san fran. much rascism when in missions.



i found this at an estate sale of course. house was a MESS of crap rat. said she was a seamstress. ok. did sell a leather book i paid more than usual for. strange sale. but his ear is chipped, so i got my giraffe cheap. i LOVE it. way better than finding something in a store or antique mall. no. I FOUND IT!
in the african corner.

oh, crazee estate sale guy called last night. into mind altering stuff. i don't think i need that.



this artist did some illustrations for a book of benedicte's. the art show was about breast cancer, the artist had NO idea why she was included.





this iz teh old testment reeding-

genusus 5-
Frum Adam to Noah
1 Dis iz teh book ov teh generashuns ov adam. in da dai dat Ceiling Cat creatd manz, in da likenes ov Ceiling Cat him maked dem but he didnt gaev any furz liek teh moocows so wud has 2 wear cloths An evry1 knoes cats dont liek to wear cloths so that wuz 1 mor mean Ceiling Cat did 2 teh peepz.2 Boi An gurl creatd himz, an givd cheezburgrz, An calld their naim adam (teh peeps who rited this bibel wantz to b raely shur u knowz ther naim, srsly!), in da dai when dey gots creatd.
3 An adam livd 100 An 30 yeers, An maded son in hims own likenes, aftr his luukz; An calld name seth:4 An teh dais ov adam aftr him maded seth waz 800 yeers: An him maded lotsa kidz.5 An all teh dais dat adam livd waz 900 An 30 yeers: An him got ded.
An seth livd 100 An 5 yeers, An maded enosh:7 An seth livd aftr him maded enosh 800 An 7 yeers, An maded lotsa kidz:8 An all teh dais ov seth waz 900 An 12 yeers: An him got ded.
9 An enosh livd ninety yeers, An maded kenan.10 An enosh livd aftr him maded kenan 800 An 15 yeers, An maded lotsa kidz:11 An all teh dais ov enosh waz 900 An 5 yeers: An him got ded.
12 An kenan livd 70 yeers, An maded mahalalel:13 An kenan livd aftr him maded mahalalel 800 An 40 yeers, An maded lotsa kidz:14 An all teh dais ov kenan waz 900 An 10 yeers: An him got ded.
15 An mahalalel livd 60 An 5 yeers, An maded jard:16 An mahalalel livd aftr him maded jard 800 An 30 yeers, An maded lotsa kidz:17 An all teh dais ov mahalalel waz 800 ninety An 5 yeers: An him got ded.
18 An jard livd 100 An 60 An 2 yeers, An maded enoch:19 An jard livd aftr him maded enoch 800 yeers, An maded lotsa kidz:20 An all teh dais ov jard waz 900 An 60 An 2 yeers: An him got ded.
21 An enoch livd 60 An 5 yeers, An maded methuselah:22 An enoch walkd wif Ceiling Cat aftr him maded methuselah 300 yeers, An maded lotsa kidz:23 An all teh dais ov enoch waz 300 An 60 An 5 yeers:24 An enoch hung out wif Ceiling Cat alot An him didnt gets ded liek evry1 els. him flyed up in invisibul airplayn 2 b wif Ceiling Cat 4evr.
25 An methuselah livd 100 An 80 An 7 yeers, An maded lamech:26 An methuselah livd aftr him maded lamech 700 An 80 An 2 yeers, An maded lotsa kidz.27 An all teh dais ov methuselah waz 900 An 60 An 9 yeers (srsly!): An him got ded.
28 An lamech livd 100 An 80 An 2 yeers, An maded son:29 An him calld hims name noah, sayin, dis cans gived comfort us in r werk An in da toil ov r hanz, which camed becuz ov teh urth Ceiling Cat havded cursd.30 An lamech livd aftr him maded noah 500 An 90 An 5 yeers, An maded lotsa kidz:31 An all teh dais ov lamech waz 700 An 70 An 7 yeers: An him got ded.
32 An noah wuz 500 yeers old: An noah maded shem An ham (who wuz not lunch meet lol) An japheth.


this iz teh new testment reeding-

AX 6-1 During time wen deesipels wer gettin moar deesipels, teh Greasin Joos wer complaynin. Dey sed Heebrayk Joos wer gettin moar fud for der windows.2 Teh Twelv got awl deesipels togethr an sed, "dis stoopid. We wurship Ceiling Cat, knot bring cookies.3 Bros. Chooz seven guys full uf spearamint and wizdum. We maek dem maek cookies4 wile we pray n stuf."
5 Dis pleezes dem. Dey chooz Steevn, Filip, Prorororos, Nikanur, Tymin, Pancreas, and Nikolas.6 Dey show dem to Apossulz, who preyd and laid on dem.
7 So dey spred Ceiling Cat wurdz. An dey gets bunches moar deesipels in Joosalem, an teh preests do wut dey told.
8 Steevn wuz full uf Ceiling Cat power. He mayd majix for teh ppl.9 But teh Joos of Styrene an Alekzanderia an Silly-see-ya an Ayja getted pissd. Dey argoo wif Steevn10 but dey wuz all pwned bi Steevn's wizdum and spearamint.
11 Dey say to uthr mans, "Shhhh, dis sekrit! Steevn hates Ceiling Cat. Oh, an Mozus. kthnks."
12 So ppl gets pissd at Steevn. Dey taked him to da Salmonheedrin.13 And dey brung liarz who sed, "Dis dude sez he hates laws an holes.14 He sez Jebus of Nazbatazz will pwn dis playce an take away da stuffs we gots frum Mozus."
15 All teh ppl eating Salmonheedrin lukd at Steevn an sawed dat he lookd liek an aingel.


her iz teh gospull of teh lordz-Mathuw 6

Jeezus tawt Charity
1 Ceiling Cat is watching you prostrate. pls to be prostrate wif prvcy, kthx.2 so when da ice cream man comes and humans are all leik give me a monie, no big deal k?3 is sekrit.4 Ceiling Cat is watching you compensate.
[edit] Jeezus tawt about prayz
5 so yu be all leik MCHammertime and pray jus 2 make it 2day and stuff.6 Ceiling Cat is watching you prostrate but u donut no he is tho.7 ur pray shood not be made of fail.8 Ceiling Cat knows what u donut hate.9 u pray leik dis: Praise Ceiling Cat, who be watchin yu, may him has a cheezburger.10 Wut yu want, yu gets, srsly.11 Giv us dis day our dalee cheezburger.12 And furgiv us for makin yu a cookie, but eateding it.13 An leed us not into teh showa, but deliver us from teh wawter. Ceiling Cat pwns all. Him pwns teh ceiling an flor an walls too. Amen.
14 if u sais sry Ceiling Cat will be leik s'ok iz kewl.15 if u donut sez sry Ceiling Cat will pwn u.
Jeezeus tawt about hungriez
16 if you want cheezburger plz to not be cryin. U can has invisible cheezeburger.17 if you want cheezeburger but can't has, get ur hair did.18 Ceiling Cat is watching you abstinate.
[edit]Monies in da Ceiling
19 donut hoard all ur monies. They be stealin ur monies!20 Hide da monies in da Ceiling. Ceiling Cat is watching you depos-ate.21 Ur moneies be safe wif Ceiling Cat.
22 if u can hear thru ur eyez you will be momentarily blinded and stuff.23 if ur eyez donut hear lazerz not to be helpings. Iz dark and skurry and stuffs.
[edit]Ceiling Cat an ur wurldy poseshuns
Pls to stop havin teh kittehz lulz
25 so i sez, stop havin teh kittehz bout ur lifes, wat cheezburgerz or drinx u is havin, or about ur bodeez n wat u iz wearin. Iz life not moar importint den teh foodz, and teh bodeez moar importint den teh cloathz?26 Lookit teh birdz in teh ceilingz, dey dont be in teh fieldz gatherin teh f00dz or puttin dem away in teh barnz, but teh Ceiling Cat givez dem f00dz anywayz lolz. Wat, u aint more better den dem?27 Who can make teh life longur by havin teh kittehz newayz?
28 And y u be havin teh kittehz about teh raimentz? Lookit teh lileez in teh fieldz. Dey dont work or nuffingz29 but Solom0n cant pwn them even with his pimp outfitz. No rly.30 If teh Ceiling Cat makes teh grass all pritty, and it gets thrwn into teh 0venz 2morr0w, wat about u, peeplz who no beleiv dat much?31 So plz to be stoppin havin teh kittehz n sayin "oh noez, i can has cheezburger?" or "wat 2 be wearin 2dae?"32 Bcuz onlee teh n00bz be havin kittehz about thees thingz, k? Ceiling Cat noez wat u need. srsly.33 Look around first for teh kingd0m and teh r0xorz of teh Ceiling Cat, an u can has all thees thingz.34 So stop havin teh kittehz bout teh fut00r bcuz it have enuff kittehz alreddy. 2dae pwns u enuff. kthxbai.

ths iz teh gospull- go in peec kthnxbai

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