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Saturday, January 12, 2008


by the way, apparently the most desired thing over there by americans was EGGS. their version of a delicacy.



the eames era hedgehog with out feet. it really looked bad with feet. i don't care what anybody says.



i found this terra-cotta fountain face at the same 'moving' estate sale that i found that victorian picture frame with european military looking guy in it. i finally put it on ebay-perfect timing. it was discovered by an artist on the east(baltimore?) who happens to collect fountain faces. he sent a little extra $, so i sent him an aztecie 'fountain face'. a semi barter.



more crypts. these in the walls. and the other old cathedral. i shoulda tried to go into that one.




i have a dupe of this and i cut off the feet! they are selling it for NINETY-FIVE FUCKING DOLLARS!!! designed by Laurids Lonborg!!!! was to hold hors d ovres. not that they will get $95. i also have more of what they is selling for insane amounts. looks better feetless anyways.



Friday, January 11, 2008



i did do an estate sale BEFORE killing mom's car. about the same age as the house i am in now. the plaster not as ornate. the house a small duplex. hmm, i think our kitchen cupboards replaced. but thjis house seems a little older. fancy old sconces in the smaller living room. blegh. carpet everywhere. ah. catholic. not much to fill my bag. no kitchen goodies. took an old children' album for the cover. but the house was very nice. needs much help, but very nice features and bones.



sigh. pansypoo killed the car today. t-boned a minivan on slippery pavement. nobody hurt but the poor car. and the minivan. oh pansypoo. poo poo poo.
my mom's poor car.



cathedral in arhus. i posted the exterior from the 98' trip. this time i went in. gotta check my guidbook, but i think it's from the 14c or 15c, but looks like they recycled bits from earlier churches. from the random placements of the wall paintings, i am assuming, not all survived well, and those were preserved. crypts here and there. and there were crypt stones all around the cathedral. i suppose after a few centuries, there was no room inside for rich danes.



the first checkers cat. pissed cosmo. damn i still miss that cat. i gotta do my spares. and the other dog next door, and my brothers cats and and and......

Thursday, January 10, 2008



this is a cheap cheap tourist object i got in a bag of tourist objects early in my estate saling. the head is on a spring. i love it. i remember this sale because the couple had ben to so many places. had a big map with tons of pins. if only i could do it again with my more experienced eyes. but i do know, i probably got what i wanted. mainly the objects in the bag. i think this is the one on a hot summer day where they let in way way too many people in. house was packed. i have a few more objects from this sale. started my collection of chinese fabric embroidered animals. they were in the same bag.
cripes, the shit you remember.


more about the 20lb loads for the troops. an officers kit bag was over, so the officer in charge of weighing, tossed it off the truck. then came the regimental band.-the musicians, yes, they had a band, they mainly were stretcher carriers, had their instruments weighed. "no horn in the world ever weighed that much, open it up". they pulled 2 spare blankets, 4 pairs socks, extra pants, and a carton of cigarettes. putting his arm in deeper, 2 apples, a tin of jam, and an egg in an undershirt.
a string of sausages was removed from a clarinet. the piccalo player had to follow the rules as nothing would fit in his.
the artillery usually got to ride horses, but they had to dismount for this troop movement and apparently, doughboys were lowly fodder.



don't look good out there for polar bears.
if only we could make bush's extinct.


the new tante andante hus was bigger, on a hill. there was this big 'crown' you could climb and many kids did. was made for a choral program benedicte did. i was in this little shed like building. the water pic is my view. no heat per se. i had a space heater. sat on a big table to 'work'. just me and 2 vermin cages. 1 with 3 'female' gerbils and another with a pair of desert mice.



just found this awesome thistle stamp tonight. i would love to have a wall full of these. sigh. i can't complain. i have some pretty cool ones. and bargain prices.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


so, think i have been reading about the somme. didn't call it then, but a major late offensive by the germans. talked to this one american early in and he is taking about figians and 'chinks', one who fought next to him and this american sang his fighting, even tho a chink.
so, anyways, the soldiers had to reduce their packs to 150 to 20. (he was with the artillery), the wagons were only for food, ammo and officers luggage.
so the soldiers had to discard-personal belongings-rubber bathtubs, PNEUMATIC MATTRESSES, extra blankets, socks, sweaters, toilet sets. i guess villagers and the village maidens were beneficiaries.



this is just TOO good to be seen in one or a dozen places. fred phelps be damned. and i do think he is bi at least.



the raven is on of my favorite poems. BWAH HA HA ha ha.



also at the church, i had a duh! moment. the old gravestones are IN THE CHURCHES! crypts! outside, they would be worn away inn the centuries. now these were old! these were found behind the alter in the church i think.



i need to take some more porn pics.

sybil on ugly chair.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


ahh, went to 'my' resale shop. didn't find much. did find a nice pair of pants. but at the check out, a black woman was behind me had found her self an unused bright white pair of slippers. i think an unwanted Xmas present. i was paying for my stuff and the other checkout lady was saying oh, those are nice,(she had very dirty latex gloves on, she was playing with the cash register money), well don't touch them with your dirty gloves jokingly and they just laughed and laughed. it was funnier in person.
i kinda like going there and interacting with black people. HA! and the black lady was so worried that i was barefoot. i'm not nuts, just don't like shoes.



the church. the easter program was later that day. i am very glad i went to the south. i don't nap anyways. even if i had gotten up early, flown over the pond etc. jet lag? no. 5 minutes was plenty. OH! i almost forgot. they had installed these radiators under the pews farly recently in the old church and it felt very good on my barefeet. oh, yes, i did the trip to denmark barefoot. only the midwest expilot was concerned. he LIVES n new york! you can't be HERE barefoot! HA! i told him i had already done new york barefoot!
anyways. the radiators. i probably appreciated them more than anybody. it was a cool damp day.

53? more awful Bush weeks to go
53? more @#$% Bush weeks to go
georgie flailing around with his 'freedom agenda'
what shall be the legacy for the monkey pretendah
53? more Bush weeks to go



going with george to get benedicte down south was the best choice. i did take a 5 minute nap on a desk in the schoolroom?
if i remember right. the church was from the early 1700's. soon the driveway trees will be too big and they will have to move the drive way to go around not thru. i hadn't finished signing and putting the name/# on some of my roadkill prints, so i occupied myself with that while waiting. walked around the church yard. got to peek into the parsonage. no old gravestones. not as much room for dead people there.
one of the best things, was benedicte had the church group come into the schoolroom for a break and they saw my roadkill and i sold enough for $ that i used for about the rest of the time i was there. no exchange fee!



from last week. of course, tomorrow i could go out and have muddy toes for next week. i am hoping the packers go all the way, but but but i wanna paint my nails ice blue. and then PINK for valentine's day. even if i don't have keith.

Monday, January 07, 2008





well, this is interesting. hail, warm, t-storm. happily, the parsley survived the cardboard box cave-in. the catnip has rebounded and the roses are turning green rapidly. taint global climate fuckitude great?


i think these doors were seen in billund on the way south. i really should live in europe. america is too damn new for me.



i shoulda done the iceland connection instead of amsterdam. the fucking airport is HUGE. LAVIATHON HUGE. or more like an anaconda long. spotted this glowing art piece. it changed colors. i liked the raspberry one. also had a happy face. no airport guys with glow sticks, just lines on the tarmac. how civilized! then a little europlane(very nice) to billund, dk. i was picked up by george. an older danish man via south africa, who was the new handy man at the tante andante hus. said he could take me to ebeltoft or to pick up benedicte in the south of denmark, where she was doing an easter program in a little old church there. oh, i will go down south!
the billund airport was nice and small.



elephant-Ndovu. didn't want to do an elephant. i don't LIKE GOP ELEPHANTS. but, since i could be subversive! what does republikkkans like? money. so, the elephant must be GREEN, tho money is a rainbow now. and gee, i can almost make a dollar sign with the trunk. this one is a good seller, i am glad i did it.

Sunday, January 06, 2008



the sunset on flight to the nederlands kept getting better. and i saw northern lights on the way and stars. OH, i jus have to turn the overhead lightoff. i was sitting next to an african immigrant. so, i showed him the northern lights. they were rather boring tho.
i do not sleep sitting up. so, i read most of the flight. i wish i had pics of flying over england. street light lit the clouds from below and it was very pretty. the wake up 'entertainment' really sucked. i didn't watch the movie. evening meal not good. traded with he black guy cause my 1st class meal(this is first class?!?) had cheese. and he didn't like his choice either.
or was it biz class?



i got custody of grandma's african violet. one year it blossomed all year. then it got too big and the cats knocked it off it's perch(sp. taint that a fish?) and i had to transplat it and split it into 4 pots. 1 i gave to my aunt at the cottage. 2 in the kitchen. 2 plants in the original pot and this is one baby. one pot has plants started from leaves the cats knocked off. i have a green thumb for this plant.



finally downloaded last weeks snows. it was quite heavy wet snow and it just didn't look 'normal'. thought flash. HOLLYWOOD SNOW! right now it is quite warm and everything is MELTING. so we will be ready for the next batch i suppose. this stuff got ugly fast. took out compost and the squirrell menace showed up and snitched a composted biscuit.
did i say i was a rabid composter? i will compost potato chips. what's a little grease?

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