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Saturday, December 29, 2007



early in the week, after i had talked with eivind a bit. he took me on a little road trip. CEMETARY! how did he know i would like that! some of the headstones, older ones were in danish, like we have german. and , there's his. that kind is popular right now in denmark. soy sodt- sweet sleep or sleep sweet is a child's.



well, the sticky snow flocked everything. i need t take a pic of the neighbor's lilac. the pussywillow tree lost all it's flocking. if only i coulda taken a pic of the art museum's calatrava addition behind the orange I-beam sculpture. and the lake front. almost forgot the factory i hit making a wrong turn. tower space for rent.



had to go today. no 'company' name listed. BUT, a few blocks off Lake Shore Drive. i am SO GOING.


random estate shopping.....

it may have been $$$, but even they had some bargains. $1 TABLE! that giraffe is so MINE TO HOARD. one little eye slash on the eyeball is missing, but ok. and i gotta take bach. he's my favorite. i did like some other stuff. but it all had antique store/chicago prices. did have a doll bits bag. i should have taken a pic of the freaky doll eyes. i think most people were neighbors. i think i may have talked to th lady's some. late middle-aged guy with blueish hair. hr did notice my barefeet. said i was tougher than he was and he had that under the gum teeth cleaning. not sure how teeth compare to feet.


random inside post-....

not spectacular, but nice. didn't get to see into the kitchen. just the pantry. did go upstairs to the 1 bedroom. intercom system up there. nice radiator.



can't remember what day we drove to a little patch of saved prairie. had an awful lot of trees for a prairie. i think we went into guthrie and found a sports bar for din din. it had the best steak. i was ordering steak a lot. remember it was east of elkhorn.



i did mention that old novelty plumbers booklet i found at that estate sale last week? and so, a new feature til i do all the best ones.

Friday, December 28, 2007



shit, did they cross breed pigs with possums?



the is the goal. the danish immigrant museum in elkhorn. oh, despite the smell, i prefer iowa to indiana.






i am about 1/2 way thru the book, and i am quite surprised at how many horses were used. even they had gas masks. anyways. just read about how curious the krauts were about the american fighters. book talks about an american man who comes to the french saying he's an american who was out the night before and had been lost in No man's land. had the right uniform and US id. but the french were not buying it and checked out with the americans. guy was wearing a captured american's uni. finally confessed to being german. he was soon executed for being a spy. dang. i guess some prisoners are different.


i forgot to say, but i really liked what Gravel said when he was on Talk Of The Nation on thurs, i think it was.

and it looks like Benazir was 'hoist upon her own petard'. why, when you were almost killed by a baby bomb, do you do that? she could have survived. tch tch.



the rest of the drive thru iowa was pretty much farm farm farm. little town, farm. PIG FACTORY. STINKY, farm farm PIG FACTORY. almost didn't find the lillehoj's house, sort of the outskirts of kimballton. so danish is this little town, they have a copy of the little mermaid sculpture that is always being attacked in denmark.



part of a larger portrait. i cut my classmate out, and made 4 drawings out of 1. 2 are in my bedroom. not sure where the portrait is. 3rd part, the biggest is on a basement wall.

Thursday, December 27, 2007



so. i suggested we not eat at the hotel and find a local cafe. drive to acton. nearest little town. cute main street. that was dead. NO CAFE. foo, my cousin and i found one in nebraska! where is small town america? we did find a place, but kinda crappy. big bummer.



needed squirrel.



stayed at the holiday inn hotel in waterloo. benedicte 'ordered' on pay per view Shakespeare In Love and promtly fell asleep, so, i made sure i watched it all so it was worth it. of course, i had taken a shakespeare class at art school. which i aced. all you have to do is read the plays. course i think my dyslexia helped. we watched a few BBC versions. had to watch mel gibson's Hamlet.
SO, i really enjoyed it. always funny when MYST3000 had those odd versions.
anyways. this was a view from the window.
did i mention the oatmeal cookies i made for the trip?



not cathedral, so not for sunday. new architects have run out of ideas. pfft.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


say goodbye to CHRISTMAS!

til....you see eggnog again.


James Bryce 1886 b1838-1893 government of ireland bill

a democracy loves equality, and it could not bear to think, as it would be apt to think, that in ruling by stern laws it was oppressing the masses of the people in the interest of a landlord class(think meskins). A democracy has a tender conscience, and a dislike-perhaps too strong a dislike-of severe methods(torture ok tho) it would be pained bythe fear that it was doing injustice and sanctioning harshness.(what a card!)A democracy loves freedom, and it would refuse to put into the hands of government.....I am not arguing now whethr in all this democracy may be right or wrong, or whether we have done foolishly or wisely in making our government a democracy....... I say that we are a democracy, and that we must, therefore, govern on democratic principles.



we left milwaukee pretty late, 11ish, before we got on the highway. must have been about 2 or 3 when we got to dolliver. so, we made this wrong turn and had to backtrack and OOH, we drove into the moonrise, which was huge. photos never look like how you see it. it was very pretty. i call it a happy bad turn. we eventually topped at Waterloo, Ia. had a pretty good steak in the holiday inn's restaurant. hotel, not motel. benedicte travles well and she likes metal flatware, no plastic!



in 1999 i believe, benedicte asked me to be the driver for a week trip to the iowa danish immigrant museum in elkhorn, IA. never say no! so, before we left, we did hit an estate sale i had already gone to. what i wanted was gone, but i did find a 1879 etching i hadn't seen with all the stuff there. $5 for a Smilley!
so, i had gotten a Iowa map, and tried to find the most scenic route. NO FUCKING PARKS!!! there's no lakes! no parks! gonna be very hard. we did ake a very pretty state hwy along a river in WI, and we did hit the mississippi at a very pretty point. and we hit Dolliver park and stopped for a while.

benedicte was reading mandela's biography(or autobio) in danish. i also made my way to the river. i am used to the sandy rivers of WI. it was mucky. did grab a pretty shell tho. blegh.

to be continued.....



basil needs better pillows.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

55? more $@#% Bush weeks to go
55? more godawful Bush weeks to go
do we need to know what the fucking idiot had for dinner???
did we NEED to know what the chimperor got the lump to glimmer?
55? more hard werk Bush weeks to go



see, i can do it. but i wasn't going to stand in the 7 inches. has to find 'flat'. did walk thru a powder drift 3". OH THAT IS COLD! my ankles are not prepared.



Monday, December 24, 2007


but lazer cat shall save Xmas from grinch cat


still time kitty....


the pansypoo Xmas tree.





eagle-Penehsiw original was donated to the PBS auction years ago. i brought it out of retirement. did ok last year.

Sunday, December 23, 2007



last clump



euro skwerl!






ole testment reeding from LOL Jennysis chaptur 1

Boreded Ceiling Cat makinkgz Urf n stuffs
Audio Version (courtesy von Kempelen)
1 Oh hai. In teh beginnin Ceiling Cat maded teh skiez An da Urfs, but he did not eated dem.
2 Da Urfs no had shapez An haded dark face, An Ceiling Cat rode invisible bike over teh waterz.
3 At start, no has lyte. An Ceiling Cat sayz, i can haz lite? An lite wuz.4 An Ceiling Cat sawed teh lite, to seez stuffs, An splitted teh lite from dark but taht wuz ok cuz kittehs can see in teh dark An not tripz over nethin.5 An Ceiling Cat sayed light Day An dark no Day. It were FURST!!!1
6 An Ceiling Cat sayed, im in ur waterz makin a ceiling. But he no yet make a ur. An he maded a hole in teh Ceiling.7 An Ceiling Cat doed the skiez with waterz down An waterz up. It happen.8 An Ceiling Cat sayed, i can has teh firmmint wich iz funny bibel naim 4 ceiling, so wuz teh twoth day.
9 An Ceiling Cat gotted all teh waterz in ur base, An Ceiling Cat hadz dry placez cuz kittehs DO NOT WANT get wet.10 An Ceiling Cat called no waterz urth and waters oshun. Iz good.
11 An Ceiling Cat sayed, DO WANT grass! so tehr wuz seedz An stufs, An fruitzors An vegbatels. It happen.12 An Ceiling Cat sawed that weedz ish good, so, letz there be weedz.13 An so teh threeth day jazzhands.
14 An Ceiling Cat sayed, i can has lightz in the skiez for splittin day An no day.15 It happen, lights everwear, like christmass, srsly.16 An Ceiling Cat doeth two grate lightz, teh most big for day, teh other for no day.17 An Ceiling Cat screw tehm on skiez, with big nails An stuff, to lite teh Urfs.18 An tehy rulez day An night. Ceiling Cat sawed. Iz good.19 An so teh furth day w00t.
20 An Ceiling Cat sayed, waterz bring me phishes, An burds, so kittehs can eat dem. But Ceiling Cat no eated dem.21 An Ceiling Cat maed big fishies An see monstrs, which wuz like big cows, except they no mood, An other stuffs dat mooves, An Ceiling Cat sawed iz good.22 An Ceiling Cat sed O hai, make bebehs kthx. An dont worry i wont watch u secksy, i not that kynd uf kitteh.23 An so teh...fith day. Ceiling Cat taek a wile 2 cawnt.
24 An Ceiling Cat sayed, i can has MOAR living stuff, mooes, An creepie tings, An otehr aminals. It happen so tehre.25 An Ceiling Cat doed moar living stuff, mooes, An creepies, An otehr animuls, An did not eated tehm.
26 An Ceiling Cat sayed, letz us do peeps like uz, becuz we ish teh qte, An let min p0wnz0r becuz tehy has can openers.
27 So Ceiling Cat createded teh peeps taht waz like him, can has can openers he maed tehm, min An womin wuz maeded, but he did not eated tehm.
28 An Ceiling Cat sed them O hai maek bebehs kthx, An p0wn teh waterz, no waterz An teh firmmint, An evry stufs.
29 An Ceiling Cat sayed, Beholdt, the Urfs, I has it, An I has not eated it.30 For evry createded stufs tehre are the fuudz, to the burdies, teh creepiez, An teh mooes, so tehre. It happen. Iz good.
31 An Ceiling Cat sayed, Beholdt, teh good enouf for releaze as version 0.8a. kthx bai.

Nu tesment reedin from LOL bibell Axs 2

[edit]Teh HovrCat Has Got To Teh Pentecost
1 Wen teh day of teh Pentecost came, tey wer all tewgedder in wun plase.2 OMG! Lowd noysez frum abuv! Teh noyse sounded like teh big windz frum teh ceilin, lol.3 Den litle fire thing com frum teh air and omg it burnz! it burnz! Oh wait, no it dont!4 An HovrCat filded dem all an dey all speek funny, lik "I do say sir, what have we got here? I do believe there are tongues of fire-like substance coming upon our heads and making us speak in quite the funniest way." wtf iz wit dat?

5 Dey were stayin in teh city of Jerusalem wher many kittehs frum all ovah cam to be fraid of teh Ceiling Cat.6 Wen tey hurd dis sownd a crowd com and was all "wtf" cuz teh oder kittehs were all speakin' funnie.7 Dey wer amezed and they were lik, "Deez men are frum Gallilee, no?8 Why do dey speek so funnie? Lik, in our langwishes and stufs! Srsly!9 Parthians, an Medes an Elamites; an kittehs frum Mesopotamia, Judea an cappadocia, an Pontus an Asia,10 an Phrygia an Pamphylia, an Egypt an teh partz of teh Libya neer Cyrene. Der were also kittehs frum Rome!11 both teh Jews and teh kittehs who now follow teh Ceiling Cat frum Cretans and Arabic cowntries, hear teh kittehs speakin in der own langishes! Wtf?12 WAI DO THEY SPEEK DIS WAY?!?! WAI?"
13 And sum kittehs say "lolz, tey had toooo much catnipz!"
14 Den Peter stowd up wit teh eleven an sed to teh cwowd: "Oh hai!15 Weez not drunk sillee! It be nine, DO NOT WANT!16 U know wut Joel teh pwofit sez? Wel I tell yu:17 'In teh last daiz, Ceiling Cat sez,
Im in ur urthz, puurin teh spiritz on all kittehs,
Ur suns and doters can has profisies,
Ur yung kittehs can has fun time in teh eyez!
Ur old kittehs can has fun time in teh branez!
18 Yo!
I can has be puttin my spiritz on even teh servents! RLY!
And dey can has profisies.19 Iz gunna show u all ov teh fun stuffs up in teh Ceilin, srsly.
Oh! Yeh! Iz almos can has no memowies. Iz awso gunna show fun stuffz on teh urthz.
Oh wate, dos not fun! Urthz can has firez an smoke. Kawf! Kawf! DO NOT WANT!20 Teh big day staw, no moar!
An teh moon can has be all blud and stuffz. Yuk!
but den Jesus can has be back! Yayz!21 An evewywun who be like "Jesus!" can has cheezburger! Rly!'

22 Hey kittehs of teh Israel, lissen to dis: Jesus wuz of Ceiling Cat, srsly. He dids ALL teh cool stuffz an stuff.23 An den yu kill him, rly.24 But den Ceiling Cat browt him bac! He can has teh powah! Deths... wuz dat? lol.25 Dis iz wut David sed:
'Ceiling Cat alwayz be wit me, kinda creepy26 but oober asum!27 Cuz u no leev me 4 woomun,
Ceiling Cat, even if her chesticlz be hyoooooj!!28 You teechz me 2 not suck'
29 Bruddas,I can has wordz that teh David... he is ded.30 But he wuz a profet, srsly. Ceiling Cat sed dat his kittehs one day be on teh thronez.31 Den Ceiling Cat wuz all sayin about Baby Jesus raisen frum teh ded!32 Baby Jesus wuz all bac from the ded, yu kno dis. Yu saweded!33 Now Baby Jesus is in teh Ceiling, sittin wif Ceiling Cat.34 Nao David, he can has no asenswion to teh Ceiling, but he sed,
Teh Lord sed to mai Lord:
Sit wit me.35 I pwnzor ur enimes! Srsly.'
36 "Yo! Lissen! Ceiling Cat madeded Baby Jesus, whom yu makez ded (lols), like teh Ceiling Cat."
37 Den teh oddah kittehs mewed and beez lik, "omfg! Wut can has we be doin?"
38 Peter sed, "Go get teh baptizeded in teh name of Baby Jesus, lol, an yu can has no mor Invisible Errorz! Den yu can has HovrCat in yu!39 Even ur kittenz can has dis. Even dos dat ar all far awai and stufz."
40 Den Peter beez all mean and scoldeded dem for awhilz; den he wuz all, "Sav urself! You can no has corupts generyashun! DO NO WANT!"41 Ovah tree tousund kittehs can has baptizm!

Teh Fewoship of teh Beweevaws
42 Den dey gotz cookiez an dey praid and lissen to teh oder kittehs43 Everywun wuz all happeh and teh apawsles didz a majic sho, srsly.44 An dey wer all frenz, lol.45 Dey sell stuffz like blanketz and oder stuffz, an dey giv stufz to poor kittehz.46 Evewy day dey met an went an had sleep ovahs and slumbah partayz an dey eated cookiez!47 Dey worshipz Ceiling Cat an den he wuz all happeh an teh apawsles can has moar saveded kittehs!


teh gospeel acordin to LOL Luke 2Oh hai, Jebus iz bornd

1 'Roun dis tiyem, Caesar Augustus wuz like, "I can has cenzus?"2 ('Coz while Quirinius was Teh Boz of Syria, is invisible census!)3 And all teh doodz went home for teh saying, "I is heer!"4 So Joseph went from Naz'reth to Judeeah to Bethlehemm whar David wuz bornededed, 'coz David wuz hiz graete-graete gran-daddie,5 An Mary went wif him, 'coz she was gonna be married wif him an she was preggerz.6 When wuz time for teh baybee,7 it wuz a boy, so he wuz wrapd in blanket like burrito an placd him in fud dish, cuz innkeeper wuz liek, no room here kthxbye!
[edit]Sheep-doodz n Angels
8 Then there wuz sheep-doods in teh field, an they wuz watchin teh sheep in teh dark. Iz vry vry boring. srsly.9 An suddenly, visible angel! An glory! O noez!!10 But teh angel sed, "is ok, you can has gud news for all teh doodz!11 Todai in da city ov David, you can has sayvur! is Christ da Lord! w00t!12 Is sign fer u, find da baybee wrapd like brrito in a big fud dish."13 An suddenly, moar angelz! They sez, 14 "w00t to teh Ceiling Cat! An peace fer doodz he luffs! Kthxbai."
15 An when da angelz go invisible again, sheep-doodz sed, "sweet, nao we find teh brrito-baybee sayvur!"16 So dey left da sheeps (sheeps r vry borng) and found Joe an Mary and da baybee in da fud dish.17 An when dey saw it wuz baybee an not brrito, they told evrywun he wuz kewl,18 An all teh doodz who herd were lyke, "neat-o brrito!"19 An Mary wuz lyke, "o rly?"20 Teh sheep-doodz sed, "Yay fer Ceiling Cat! Was not invisible brrito!"21 On dai noomber ate, it wuz tiem 2 circumcize him (iz laik getting fixd) an they called him Jebus, 'coz teh angel sed tht wuz hiz name.

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