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Saturday, December 22, 2007





did i do this one?



had to go to the bank and post box today. after bank, drove past park to post office. the snow was vaporizing and too pretty. DETOUR. turn into park and took lots of pics. go back to PO. drop letters in box, decide to take long way thru parkways for more pretty. but DETOUR again. maybe there's somebody at the farmer's market....
YES! no onions, but apples. get a big bag of banana apple. able to chat as nobody else there. actual name is winter apples. name makes more sense. very pretty apples and taste great with carmel. take scenic parkway home. a few pics.



i attacked the 'trees' the other day and i think the painting is resolved to my satisfaction. bad pic, but damn thing is very big and have to wait til spring to take a better pic of it. no sky added. prefer that. OK. it isn't a great painting. just 'and now for something completely different.'
i am satisfied. i DO like the lines between the trees and the grass.



how i used up most of the rest of the brown/grey/offwhite yarn. the sweater weighs 4lbs. very thick and warm. most 'stripes' have at least 5 yarns. some up to 8. looks ok inside out too. i like the ends sticking out. i gotta make more like this. hard knitting it tho.
i do have a box of black yarns....

Friday, December 21, 2007



STOLEN from dependable renegade/watertiger. HEY! squirrels are MINE! allll MINE.

the back yard had a visit! SQUIRREL.



i got this at a rummage sale eons ago. think late 80's or early 90's. lapham blvd. hispanics. on my way to art school. now, i have seen similar in high end catalogues for $$$. it is repaired/and or cracked and stained, but i like that even better. especially since i paid less that $5. i think i paid $1. also got my 1st printing block there. in my aztec corner.


needs to be said re-fuckabee.

lwcon (1000+ posts) Sat Dec-15-07 12:17 AM
Response to Reply #2
8. One of my favorite quotes from the last couple of years...

"Senator, when you took your oath of office, you placed your hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the Constitution. You didn't place your hand on the Constitution and swear to uphold the Bible." -- Jamie Raskin



small landscape. 10x7. gave it to my grandma, but she never had it up. no matter, i love it, but my art school teacher is right. should be bigger.
maybe some day i will paint it bigger.
yes, i did see this sunset. eons ago.


SQUIRREL MENACE-the beginning 1st posted 12/28/05


i forgot to mention. on Xmas, i noticed that there was a hole in the siding, where it had been a little loose. uh oh. rain and snow, gotta seal that! uh oh, looks nibbled.
so, unc helps seal in up on monday. saw squirrel go in. we tried to get it out, but they are impatient and stupid. it's not gonna come out if you watch for it. boil water and pot.
well, tues. noises in the wall.
call an animal control co.
right now there is a cage attatched to the house. will tell the rest of saga when.........

Thursday, December 20, 2007


gee, i think i am missing part of the squirrel menace story. gotta find the beginning.



a newer antique chest my aunt couldn't pass up. makes a very nice teevee stand.


CAEDIMON/CEDMON-the former way of spelling of Bede, is the name of the earliest anglo-saxon or old english poet. lots of blah blah.

CAEN/CADON/CATHIM/CAHEM/CAAM- capital of calvados, france. blah blah. founded at least by 912.

next is julius Caesar tho....



yes, there is a lot of squirrels here, but for a reason. i think i gotta re-post my squirrel saga of the past. find the original squirrel menace posts.

and, i went to The Outpost, a organics/health food store here, this one in WAWAtosa doesn't let me shop barefoot like the bay view one. or they haven't caught me yet.
anyways. i am hanging onto a cart trying to put shoes on and a store dude comes into the entry and says-'do not tell me you came in barefoot.'
'yes, i did.' say i, 'but you won't let me shop barefoot.'



eabyed skwerl menace bookends went for $11+.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007



leave it to cuteoverload to have a pic of that new mini possum they found in indonesia. and boy, it is a cutie.
maybe i gotta try a possum roadkill again. with babies on it.



prevost's skwerl.


just did a rather lame ranch house sale. not much i found interesting. ooh, a foley chopper. ebayed one of them. take that. but i did find a REAL gem. a 1935 little book put out by plumbers. a little book of outhouses and funny descriptions. what a little find! will have to post it on blog. biffie saterday after i am out of sweaters?



one of my finds from my 1st year os estate sales. neat old east side house full of stuff i wish i could do over. i got 2 of these deco/picasso/african era pins. and i remember i also got a chunk of rutilated quartz at that sale. but do i remember names? no.



between the time Kevin and i were at the cottage, carla and jeff found another chair. and they have quite a few in the basement, but, it is very comfortable. and probably cost the original owners a pretty penny.



my dad's cat nicky, mother of my 1st pair of cats, was a declawed beastie who was known to scare german shepherds. and my dad lived in a semi-bad neighborhood. don't mess with bitch cats.




Tuesday, December 18, 2007



56? more stoopid weeks of Bush to go
56? more insane weeks of Bush to go
Turkey invade Kurd Iraq
Condi goes to iWaq, please don't come back.
56? #@$^%$&&%^* more Bush weeks to go.

i find i can't stand him more every second he exists.



i redid my toes just to show what i have been doing for fall. hmm, gotta think about what would winter toes be?

Monday, December 17, 2007



the chair is one grandma had recovered. it is family lore that president mckinley sat in this chair. my great great grandfather was secretary of state of WI. when republicans were the right side of things. and grandma's nesting tables.



PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY. so glad went later. but the setting sun was better as i saw it. i missed the good shot at the top of the hoan bridge.



Cosmo on the couch.

Sunday, December 16, 2007



the scandanavian knife did not get a bid. but a small tablecloth from the same sale has exceeded what i paid at that sale. the knife is gonna go ino my hoard. too dam fine. too damn neat. too damn. damn, that is a cool fucking knife. someday it shall be prominent on my wall.
mine. it is mine now.

maybe i will sell the little troll instead. and the book. maybe.

$7+ for this? i don't get it. but i did say dala horses. and it is quite nice. i suppose. one of those 'god's' poking me in the back saying take it. ebay angel? do i have a collector's angel?'

psst, take that. i know i know, but somebody wants that'



well, this was a MUST GO! boat house. sat and sunday. just art. is that the house that is a boat? YES! story in saturday's paper.
ooh. and so picturesque with all the snows. inside when went in full of artsy-fartsy east siders. i think i am an inside outsider. never much for gathering with classmates.
i did like 2 paitings, but i knew they would be as cheap as my much better biberstien's or even susuko's. all pretty banal. but location location location. it seem exactly like somebody cut off the bottom of a boat and stuck it on land.
and it was gorgeous on the lake front. will post pretty pics soon.
was quite cold and had to wade thru mushy snow barefoot to car. too long and my feet still tingly. but warm. oh my. in the car they hurt so from so much blood in my toes. very uncomfortable.

also, there was an older homosexual couple. interacial. holding hands. sweet. i don't understand why we have to keep them from marrying. who cares if it's icky.



i was trying to find the map from sebastion cabot post, but couldn't find one, did find this map of milwaukee. i actually saw this map in person at an estate sale. i tried to take photos of it, but didn't work. but very large and very neat in person. if only i had money. sigh, but no wall space. que sera fucking sera.



SUNDAY LOLCAT BLOGGING-old testment reeding

genisis 1-

1 Oh hai. In teh beginnin Ceiling Cat maded teh skiez An da Urfs, but he did not eated dem.
2 Da Urfs no had shapez An haded dark face, An Ceiling Cat rode invisible bike over teh waterz.
3 At start, no has lyte. An Ceiling Cat sayz, i can haz lite? An lite wuz.4 An Ceiling Cat sawed teh lite, to seez stuffs, An splitted teh lite from dark but taht wuz ok cuz kittehs can see in teh dark An not tripz over nethin.5 An Ceiling Cat sayed light Day An dark no Day. It were FURST!!!1
6 An Ceiling Cat sayed, im in ur waterz makin a ceiling. But he no yet make a ur. An he maded a hole in teh Ceiling.7 An Ceiling Cat doed the skiez with waterz down An waterz up. It happen.8 An Ceiling Cat sayed, i can has teh firmmint wich iz funny bibel naim 4 ceiling, so wuz teh twoth day.
9 An Ceiling Cat gotted all teh waterz in ur base, An Ceiling Cat hadz dry placez cuz kittehs DO NOT WANT get wet.10 An Ceiling Cat called no waterz urth and waters oshun. Iz good.
11 An Ceiling Cat sayed, DO WANT grass! so tehr wuz seedz An stufs, An fruitzors An vegbatels. It happen.12 An Ceiling Cat sawed that weedz ish good, so, letz there be weed. (and catnipz 2, so wen i makes kittehs they can getz hai.)13 An so teh threeth day jazzhands.
14 An Ceiling Cat sayed, i can has lightz in the skiez for splittin day An no day.15 It happen, lights everwear, like christmass, srsly.16 An Ceiling Cat doeth two grate lightz, teh most big for day, teh other for no day.17 An Ceiling Cat screw tehm on skiez,
with big nails An stuff, to lite teh Urfs.18 An tehy rulez day An night. Ceiling Cat sawed. Iz good.19 An so teh furth day w00t.
20 An Ceiling Cat sayed, waterz bring me phishes, An burds, so kittehs can eat dem. But Ceiling Cat no eated dem.21 An Ceiling Cat maed big fishies An see monstrs, which wuz like big cows, except they no mood, An other stuffs dat mooves, An Ceiling Cat sawed iz good.22 An Ceiling Cat sed O hai, make bebehs kthx. An dont worry i wont watch u secksy, i not that kynd uf kitteh.23 An so teh...fith day. Ceiling Cat taek a wile 2 cawnt.
24 An Ceiling Cat sayed, i can has MOAR living stuff, mooes, An creepie tings, An otehr aminals. It happen so tehre.25 An Ceiling Cat doed moar living stuff, mooes, An creepies, An otehr animuls, An did not eated tehm.
26 An Ceiling Cat sayed, letz us do peeps like uz, becuz we ish teh qte, An let min p0wnz0r becuz tehy has can openers.
27 So Ceiling Cat createded teh peeps taht waz like him, can has can openers he maed tehm, min An womin wuz maeded, but he did not eated tehm.
28 An Ceiling Cat sed them O hai maek bebehs kthx, An p0wn teh waterz, no waterz An teh firmmint, An evry stufs.
29 An Ceiling Cat sayed, Beholdt, the Urfs, I has it, An I has not eated it.30 For evry createded stufs tehre are the fuudz, to the burdies, teh creepiez, An teh mooes, so tehre. It happen. Iz good.
31 An Ceiling Cat sayed, Beholdt, teh good enouf for releaze as version 0.8a. kthx bai.

SUNDAY LOLCAT BLOGGING-nu testment reedin

philemon I-

1 O hai Philemon, iz Paul n mai bro Timothy.
2 N hai 2 Apphia and Archippus. N 2 evrywun.
3 May Ceiling Cat gib u many Cheezburgerz.
[edit]Philemons luv
4 I tol Ceiling Cat bout u wen I wuz prayin.5 I biggid u up. Srsly.6 I hopez ur faiths is goode becuz u sees teh goode stuffs we can maek fore teh Ceiling Cat.7 Ur luff n 'currigment maeks me LOL, becuz teh hartz uf teh saynts is moar bettr, k mah brudder?
[edit]Paul Axes Phil 2 b nice to Onesimius
8 So u no I's not skared of makin u do stuff, rite?9 But U shuld do teh stuffs becuz I (BTW: I iz Paul; I iz teh olde an i iz prizner for Christ) luffs u.10 I iz does tihs becuz uf Onesimus, him iz liek mah kidz.11 Him wuz teh n00b, but naow he haz teh uses and can does teh stuffs.12 I sendz him--him mah hartz!--2 u naow, k?13 I lieks him 2 b wif me, becuz he can do teh stuffs insted uf u becuz I iz prizner14 but I duznt lieks do teh stuffs taht maeks u sez "Do not want!"15 Idk, mebbe him iz gon so taht him can be bak l8r?16 Ha! Hiz not ur slave, hiz liek teh brudder, kinda fore me and a lotz fore u, he iz srsly brudder and invisible brudder.
17 So u giv Onesimus cheezburgr. Fries too, laik u giv me, k?18 Honest, I pay for cheezburgr.19 Srlsy, I willz! I mean, u owe me rite?20 Can has a bukkit of pepsy 2? Kthx.
21 I knoes taht u will does what i sez an moar. U rock!22 BTW: I mite comes and lives wif u guys l8r.
[edit]Phinal Greetz
23 Epaphras iz prizner too. He sez "Oh hai."24 Mark, Aristarchus, Demas, and Luke sez "Oh hai."
25 Cheez! Kthxbai.

John 1 v1-18

Teh Cat Macro Becamded Flesh
1 In teh beginz is teh cat macro, and teh cat macro sez "Oh hai Ceiling Cat" and teh cat macro iz teh Ceiling Cat.2 Teh cat macro an teh Ceiling Cat iz teh bests frenz in teh begins.
3 Him maeks alls teh cookies; no cookies iz maed wifout him.4 Him haz teh liefs, an becuz ov teh liefs teh doodz sez "Oh hay lite."5 Teh lite iz pwns teh darks, but teh darks iz liek "Wtf."
6 And teh Ceiling Cat haz dis otehr man; his naem iz John.7 He tellz teh ppl dat teh lites is tehre, so dat teh doodz sez "OMG." or mai b taht shud b "OMCC."8 Him wuz not teh lite; he jsut sez teh lites is tehre.9 Teh tru lite--iz lotz of lite--iz comes, k?
10 He iz liek, "Oh hai, I mades u," but teh wurld duznt sees him.11 He iz comes to his stuffs, but his stuffs sez "Do not want!"12 And sum guyz did want, and sez "Teh Ceiling Cat pwns," and deez guyz iz liek his kidz—13 But not liek reel kidz, k? Iz liek teh Ceiling Cats kidz.
14 Teh cat macro is becomes Visible Man (omg) and he is lives wif us. We is sees teh glorie taht is frum teh one n only; him come from teh dad wif teh grace and teh truth.
15 John is liek "Oh hai" becuz uf him. He sez "OMG tihs guy iz teh one taht is comes after me him iz bettr becuz him comes frst, k?"16 Becuz is a lotz of grayce we can has cheezburgers.17 Moses is liek "Hay I has teh lawz"; Jesus is has teh grayce and teh trooth.18 Ceiling Cat is Invisible, but teh one n only (him is wif Ceiling Cat) is liek "Hay look."

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